Fortean 2011: The Weird Year in Review

Via WhoForted? – one of a handful of a new generation of bloggers (Mysterious Universe, Ghost Theory, The Secret Sun and Hidden Experience spring to mind) that do justice to the impish spirit of Charles Fort.

Some strange-lights:

  • Paranormal polarisation
  • The Mass Exodus of the Cynical Believers
  • Bigfoot Overload
  • The Biggest, Weirdest, and Best of 2011 – books, podcasts, paranormal reality series’

Make the jump and start making your preparations for this year’s Mayan-tinged weirdness …

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  1. Destynip8 | Jan 21, 2012 at 3:23 pm |

    i love the ghost adventures I LOVE THEM SOO VERY MUCH YOU DONT EVEN KNOW

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