How To Stop Worrying And Love The Oil Sands

Ahni writes at Intercontinental Cry:

“Communication might be understood as both the conduit for and the actual substance of human culture and consciousness. Psychological warfare is the application of mass communication to modern social conflict.”
—Science of Coercion, Christopher Simpson, American University

Tendencies of psychological warfare (U.S. Army War College):

1. Destroys will and ability of enemy to fight
2. Deprives enemy of support of allies and neutrals
3. Increases internal will to victory

Effects of psychological warfare (U.S. Army War College):

* Dissension
* Distrust
* Fear
* Hopelessness

Given the challenges that we face as Indigenous Peoples in Canada, it’s important to take a step back every now and again, if only so we make sure we know what exactly is being placed in front of us. If we don’t than we run the risk of wasting what little time and resources we have to stop an untenable project like, for example, the proposed Enbridge pipeline–a project that threatens our cultural heritage, our health, the environment and our ability to exist as distinct Peoples.

The goal of this article is to explore one of the most far reaching obstacles around, which happens to be blindsiding us this very moment. I refer here to the psychological war that has been waged on us by the government of Canada, oil companies and proponents of the tar sands.

Oil sand production from mining

Most of the time, governments and corporations will pretend that we don’t exist, for reasons that are fairly straightforward. They want to take something on our land and they don’t mind sacrificing us in the process. So, instead of engaging us like the law says they’re supposed to, they strive to do as much as they can as quietly as they can for as long as they can get away with it.

However, as soon as the tide begins to turn and we start presenting obstacles of our own, they can no longer afford the luxury of silence. And if we somehow manage to get the public’s attention–with reason and empirical evidence in hand–they give us their full and undivided attention. In a colonial state like Canada, where indigenous land rights are constantly being suppressed, that usually means they’re going to try to take us down.

That said, it’s pretty clear there’s a critical mass on the way; especially when it comes to the Enbridge pipeline. Opposition to the controversial project has brought together an unprecedented number of First Nations across the country. One could even say that it’s just a matter of time before the project is tossed into the garbage can, where it rightfully belongs.

At this point, there isn’t a heck of a lot that the proponents of the tarsands can do stop it. They’ve already tried suppressing damaging reports, discrediting doctors, and dismissing health concerns as fair trade offs for a few hundred jobs. Many lawsuits have also been thrown out of the courts, no contest. About the only thing they can do now is escalate the psychological war that is already well underway.

Enter Ethical Oil…

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  1. Oppression as a science.

  2. If we have massive opposition to the pipeline, then the Gov’t says that the public consultations have been “highjacked by environmental and radical groups to achieve their radical idealogical agenda”!

    If we oppose fracking then the Gov’t pretends we don’t exist!

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