MSNBC, Please Fire Meghan McCain (Video)

She was hired because her father ran for president. What a mistake … NBC as a failed corporation, why not hire any commenter on this post?

  • Liam_McGonagle

    Jesus Christ, she’s BLONDE allready!  Doesn’t that count for ANYTHING anymore?!!!

    But seriously, I love a freakshow.

  • Mamagriff50

    Her daddy pulled some strings…..duh.

  • zedted

    Oh don’t be so critical, she wasn’t born then.   The difference between qualified and not qualified was painfully obvious.   She’s so afraid to say anything that might lose her the paycheck, free money. weeeeeeeeeeee

  • DeepCough

    This back and forth about how the Democrats fucked things up beforehand and how the Republicans fucked things up in the first place is just gonna keep going on until the system completely implodes–and it will be only then that Americans see just how useless the mainstream political factions of the U.S. have become.

  • Cerebralsubversion

    She wasn’t born in 2000? She’s 12?

  • McCainTits
    • StillAtMyMoms

      I would still motorboat them though.

  • Dr K

    Meghan for … umm you know the top job person thingy. President! That’s it.

  • StillAtMyMoms

    Nepotism at its finest.  Alternative media just became a little more credible.

  • YaBooSucksToYouFascists

    Another lame post.  Not as lame as the pro-Romney/anti-Paul stuff, but close.


    Seriously… you guys are reaching.  I’m sure everyone here has said far stupider things.

    • StillAtMyMoms

      It’s not just that, but for her being blatantly “hooked up” for an awesome gig in spite of thousands, perhaps millions, of well-overqualified candidates.  I mean, she’s unpaid college intern caliber.  Typical corporation branding.  But didn’t McCain lose?  I guess they needed to reach out to the right-wing/moderate demographic for a ratings boost.  If that isn’t more indication of a false left/right paradigm!

      • YaBooSucksToYouFascists

        This is “Real Time with Bill Maher” … he invites quirky guests.  It is not a news show.

    • Mr Willow

      Sorry, but where in the hell have you seen anything ‘pro-Romney’ on here?

  • Viddy

    NBC has also hired the Clinton’s and Bush’s daughter.  MSM is turning out to be little more than a social club with high tech home movies, nobody is watching anymore.