Murder Of Indigenous Child Provokes Strong Reaction

Índia da etnia TerenaA follow up to this story, via the Boundary Sentinel:

The murder of an eight year old child from the Awa-Gwajá indigenous community, allegedly burnt alive by loggers in the state of Maranhão, Brazil, has caused outrage throughout the Internet, as well as disbelief by many in the face of such cruelty.

The Indigenous Missionary Council (CIMI) confirmed that “suspicions indicate that an attack has occurred between September and October against the camp of isolated indigenous” of the Araribóia reserve, and added more information:

The charred body was found in October 2011 in a camp abandoned by the isolated Awá, about 20 km from the Patizal village of the Tenetehara people, a region located in the municipality of Arame (Maranhão). The National Indian Foundation (FUNAI) was informed of the incident in November and no investigation of the case is ongoing.

According to Rosimeire Diniz, CIMI’s coordinator in Maranhão state, “the situation has been reported for a long time. It has become a frequent occurrence, the presence of these logging groups, putting the isolated indigenous in danger. No concrete measure has been taken to protect this population”. 

“The world needs to know”

Journalist Eliano Jorge interviewed a Guajajara Indian who said:

[…] The loggers were buying wood from the hands of the Indians (Guajajara) and found a little Gwajá girl. They burned the child. Just to be evil. She is from another tribe, they live in the woods, have no contact with whites, are polecats.

Journalist Luis Carlos Azenha, on the other hand, urged caution:

Renato Santana [press officer of CIMI] denied the existence of any photo of the charred body. Only an official investigation led by Funai can confirm if that in fact there is a charred body and if  in fact is a child. Moreover, it takes the direct testimony of someone who witnessed the episode to see if there was a crime and, if any, to identify the perpetrators.

To which journalist Niara de Oliveira replied, raising the issue of reported unofficial coallitions between “FUNAI officials in the region of Arame [and] local ranchers and loggers”:

“It is therefore not surprising that there is no ongoing investigation and that the case has only now come to light.” Based on the behavior of the federal government to investigate the murder of the Guarani chief in the state of Mato Grosso do Sul and the importance they give to indigenous people when it comes to benefitting allies (contractors, large farmers, loggers, lumbermen, etc.) and based on the importance that the government-friendly press gives to the indigenous people themselves, I tend to rely on Rogérios’ investigation…

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  1. Liberaldouche | Jan 24, 2012 at 5:27 pm |

    This can’t be true… Only White people do bad things. 

    • Poor, victimized you.  Would you like a hankie and a blanket?  Or a cat to kill?

  2. YaBooSucksToYouFascists | Jan 24, 2012 at 5:47 pm |

    Monetary profit is morally good.

    In other words, vote for Mitt Romney!

  3. They have the habit of killing their own twins buring then alive cause some superstition, and lately many of then dont let their children go to the hospital when they need to. They are are still in a primitive society which a primitive mentality.

    • Care to cite some evidence?

      • This is the PART 1 report of indigenous childkiling:

        • Bullshit. Even if true (which most likely isn’t) as if that would somehow justify loggers burning a child anyway you prat. ‘They do it, so what if what if some loggers do it too’ Prat.

          • Actualy i read that the autorities never finded a body you prat. So most likely it isn’t true. And no i’m not in the side of the loggers, i just think that the indigenous people should be integrated in society, not segregated so they can do this kind of shit on one another.

          • But who are you to decide that? There are many cultures around the world who prefer cultural isolation to that of intergration into “society”, whatever that is, not to mention that they do live in society, there own. What makes our way of life so righteous?

            But I suppose if they did intergrate into our society, they wouldn’t have to worry about the loggers or their rituals, only murderers, rapists, thieves, war, money, bills… And everything else that makes our society so awesome.

          • First just cause they are isolated they don’t have to worry to such things? And second if they don’t get integrated problably they will vanish sush is the way of things you can’t live stuck in time, in the past, you have to progress.

          • Firstly they dont have bills to pay, they don’t have the monetary system… Which leads to thieving etc, in most cases anyway. Secondly if it’s their land, they can do what they want with it, if it gets taken by force then that’s not intergration, it’s land theft. Thirdly your premise that they are stuck in the past is just plain wrong.

          • So try live the same way as if the portuguese never set foot there is not live in the past? Hmmm.

          • So genecide on whole native identities is okay, because a foreign nation decided they had to “teach” them the ways? If you find yourself at home one day sleeping on a bed of nails, walking through every door backwards and shitting in the kitchen sink because some “foreigners” decided to move in and dictate to you how to live in your own house, you wouldn’t have a problem with that? If you decided to live your own way how you always have, against the wishes of the invaders in your home, is that you living in the past?

        • This movie linked to here…

          As if that is supposed to be some sort of evidence?

          It’s like a Spielberg movie.  Very high productions values and melodrama.  If you view please notice what heart-throbbing dimension is given to the whites and how “savage ” the indigenous are portrayed– it’s like 1950s American Cowboys and Indians, but with slightly more modern nuance.  Wherever this film was made, it smacks of Hollywood schmaltz.  Initially it uses a documentary like approach, but then devolves into something sympathetic to a colonialists/conquistador mentality.  I haven’t got to the end of it yet, but so far I’m refraining from puking… I have no idea how it could possibly redeem iself.

          It’s instructive in the negative sense.  If that was Raz’s intention, bravo.  If not… uh boy… yikes.

          • Yeah, like the time that other group see people coming to their lands to dig diamonds and ended up being slaugthered by the indigenous there cause they were diging the diamonds first. You should see the chiefs car and know that they are making a huge profit out of it. And by the way the diamond in question are property of the brazillian gov. so if you don’t have permit to dig the diamonds you are stealing and that’s what those two groups were doing.

    • German Shepherd | Jan 24, 2012 at 7:14 pm |

      So are we..

      • Yeah but people usually romanticise their lives as if they come from the avatar movie…

        • Monkey See Monkey Do | Jan 25, 2012 at 4:01 am |

          Or denigrate and repress their lives as if they come from the apocalypto movie….

          • Our failure to understand them is what caused us to hate or look down upon them. Primitive or not, they have lived through the ages, without causing much trouble to others. Besides, hospital and lengthy life is not what determines quality of life.

    • Monkey See Monkey Do | Jan 25, 2012 at 3:55 am |

      They often dont go to the hospitals because there is an extreme amount of racism and prejudice contained within them, it can be quite scary to put the life of your child in the hands of people that think your all animals. Hospitals are also treated suspiciously because there are no plant medicines. Where as the tribes know through experience that many plant medicines can treat many ailments and diseases. Their “primitive” society and “primitive” mentality is often light years beyond western mentalities.

      • Most of the brazillian people are from mixed origins, Brazil started as a explotation colony, it wasn’t suposed to the portuguese stay there (just loot the region) so they didin’t bring any white women with then, when the portuguese started to stay there they saw the need to form families and married with the local women converted by the catholics.

    • Your inability to write a coherent sentence is proof of your primitive mentality.

      • Being a realist is primitive? Gee, i didin’t knew that. Maybe i should live in a bubble like you that believes that all humans live in a garden of flowers that they don’t are subject to barbarisms and cruelty.

  4. Time to put each and everyone one of those loggers in a cage with the family of the deceased for 15mins.  Eye for an eye.

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