Newt Gingrich Vs. The Media (Video)

So does Newt actually have a point?

  • The Fox

    This dood looks more fucking evil than the pope. He does have a point, the media is garbage but it does not apply to him. Can’t stand the heat get out of the kitchen… oh so cliche :)

  • Anarchy Pony

    Even a devious, unprincipled, self righteous, terrible fucking clock is right twice a day.

  • DeepCough

    Now you know how it feels Gingrich: remember the Monica Lewinsky scandal?

    • Anarchy Pony

      The pot calling the kettle an adulterer?

      • Mr Willow

        More like the adulterer calling the womanizer unscrupulous. 

  • Mamagriff50

    Our elected President should have the highest morals and standards……..Newt, “Y ou have none”.

  • nemoide

    I have little sympathy for Newt.  The man just seems like a slimeball in every way.

    Is it wrong for the media to be making such a fuss about this?  Maybe it would be if Newt wasn’t the kind of guy who refers to himself as “Advocate of civilization. Definer of civilization. Teacher of the rules of civilization.”

    • Anarchy Pony

      Considering what civilization really does to the world, it makes me have even less sympathy for the man.

    • Disinfo_censors_dissent

      >The man just seems like a slimeball in every way.

      When the Republicans censure someone for ethics violation, you know they’re a slimeball.

    • Mr Willow

      Or if he didn’t suggest that gays were ruining the ‘sanctity of marriage’, when he has personally destroyed it twice in his life.

  • Aram Jahn

    Gingrich is Hypocrisy incarnate. 

  • apdub

    The point he made about not attracting quality people to run for office was quite salient! Too bad Newt doesn’t listen to his own conclusions.

  • VoxMagi

    Being questioned mildly over his gross personal misconduct and staggering hypocrisy isn’t just fair game…it’s a sad state of affairs when he isn’t lambasted for it without apology. Our media tiptoes around this stuff precisely because they have become vulnerable to reversal of opinion and ‘public outrage’ because of incidents like these…as if a politicians serious personal mistakes and flaws are now ‘holy ground’ that shouldn’t be trod.

    We need a new ‘Edward R Murrow moment’ where someone simply takes a stand because it is right to do so…and just states without vitriol or apologetics that, when a man such as Newt commits acts in his personal life so repugnant, so foul to behold, so clearly the polar opposite of his standards for the conduct of others, that it is not merely the right of media to ask him about it…it is their duty to blast him without equivocation…brand him as utterly amoral and a fraud…and shame anyone who throws their support behind such a hateful and loathsome creature.  

    • DeepCough

      Well, since we can’t raise the dead and thereby bring back Murrow, the next logical choice will have to be “TMZ.”

  • bozodeathgod

    I’ve been replaying this clip over some houseplants and man, that BS sure makes them grow.

  • Greg Forest

    This from the guy who cut his teeth pointing at Clinton’s dick.

  • Simiantongue

    Only an intensely narcissistic personality can be confronted with this level of hypocrisy and become aghast, complaining about how offensive it is to them for you to mention their indiscretions. 

    Taking offense is the last bastion of the intellectually and/or morally corrupt.

  • GingrichLove
    • The Fox

      and he wont work for nobody but you!