Nine Best Conspiracy Theories Graphically Explained

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  • Rooti

    Nice montage but who can imagine people conspiring to commit illegal acts for personal gain?

    • Dave James

      look into the Iran Contra scandal, it will answer your question

      • Yourareanidiot

        wowza, learn about reading between the lines (in this case, one line)

        • Dave James


          • supersoul

             i think rooti was making a joke

          • Chaorder Gradient

            I think Yourareanidiot was trying to say that obvious point

          • D.D.B.

            It’s called sarcasm.

  • HoboDeiter

    HAHAHA! Water fluoridation!

    • Anonakon

      Idiots Rule.

  • Anarchy Pony

    Fluoridation is a technique to “safely” dispose of dangerous industrial waste known as fluoride. 

    • HoboDeiter

      Thank you for informing us that water fluoridation is the process of putting fluoride in water. 

      • MoralDrift

        its also the way the industry profitably disposes of WASTE

      • No one

        They were informing you of the motivations behind the process. It costs money to dispose of this industrial waste, as opposed to charging money for it to be used as a product.

        • HoboDeiter

          So let me get this straight, simply because it is a by-product that makes it waste? Is molasses waste? 

          It it only waste depending upon the application. The fact of the matter is that most conspiracy theories rely on inconclusive information that can be viewed in multiple ways. The water fluoridation conspiracy is no different, since there are studies showing that it does have health benefits as well as studies showing adverse impacts on health. 

          So is it harmful industrial waste? Yes, it is poisonous but so is chlorine and other chemicals we use to make water drinkable. It’s benefits/negatives are debatable, but the fact that someone makes money selling it shouldn’t be a surprise. Fluoride doesn’t just magically appear someone has to sell it.  

          • Tank

             Molasses isn’t considered a waste because the EPA and FDA haven’t labeled it such. Fluoride, however, they have. There’s a huge reason most countries refuse to mass-medicate their people with fluoride. If the government really cared about your teeth, they would buy you toothbrushes, which are also cheaper. You may not like it, but it’s not a hard subject to find wide-open facts about from many first-hand sources.

    • JD

      Not funny. 

  • Justin Seitz

    Is it me or does the Fact portion of the JFK Assassination sound sarcastic 

    • John Quinn

      I bloody well hope it’s sarcastic! “The Warren Commission was possibly the most complete and thorough murder investigation ever conducted….” HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

  • JP

    This is fucking ridiculous.  Some of the facts are even completely and demonstrably wrong.  I love the way “The Facts” decision on what conspiracies are correct and which ones are bullshit, so clearly show a political ideology.  Come on, try harder.

    • WTF

      Umm no… Critical thinking was used, something you might not be familiar with. The say “The Facts” because they are the facts, how is that political in any way?  

      • No one

        “Out of the thousands of “reliable” reports of UFO sightings or contact it’s unreasonable to assume every single one is purely fictitious.”
        What part of that is critical thinking?

        • Soup

          It’s using significantly more critical thinking than reaching the opposite conclusion

  • James Hall

    This should be shown to every student in the world. We are way too far down the line to just brush this shit off as BS. For fuck sake people, these conspiracies are REAL! 

  • Brian

    The first instance of a moon landing conspiracy was “We Never Went to the Moon: America’s Thirty Billion Dollar Swindle” by Bill Kaysing. It was published in 1974. If you can’t get this right I’m not terribly inclined to take your word for the rest. Like someone else said, try harder.

  • Yer Dad

    I hope the fat portion of JFK was sarcasm.
    Otherwise it is an example of outrageous,
    inexcusable ignorance. The WC cherry picked 
    what evidence it included (or excluded)
    ignored witnesses that didn’t support the
    commission’s explanation, and in many cases
    changed testimony given after the fact.  

  • Rob-O

    One of the sources is Wikipedia, so obviously this is 100% factually accurate.

    • MoralDrift

      the only time wikipedia is a bad source to use, is as your only source, or as any source in a scholarly paper…this isnt one so unless you are a professor grading the authors citations, it really doesnt matter

  • mannyfurious

    I’m not a “conspiracy theorists,” per se, in that I don’t buy into most conspiracies. But the JFK thing has always been too weird for me, with much more evidence of a conspiracy than most, and for this graphic to dismiss it in its “facts” section is absurd. 

  • HoboDeiter

    The Refer Madness theory has a validity of 5/5, yet none of the facts stated support the theory. All they do is show that the reasoning behind it being banned doesn’t make sense. The hemp industry still exist, just go into any store targeting a ‘new age’ audience. I find it more likely that social prejudices are responsible for the myths behind marijuana than anything else.

  • Lee Swain

    The assertion that the Warren commission was “the most thorough and complete murder investigation in history” is utterly absurd. Is it supposed to be a joke?

  • SharpShinned

    I loved Disinfo’s book
    “Everything You Know Is Wrong: The Disinformation Guide to Secrets and Lies ”

    you missed the bird flue hoax:
    “But why should we be surprised!  George W. Bush is talking about declaring
    martial law and calling out the military when there has been NOT ONE SINGLE DEATH – – –
    OR EVEN ONE PERSON INFECTED with “Bird Flu” in the entire country!”

    you missed the Fucushima earthquake hoax:
    “Then scroll down to the photos of the NON EXISTENT quake damage
    and seismic charts which prove there was no 9.0 and therefore the
    very real tsunami could not have been natural. ”

    The moon landing hoax:
    “5771 photos were taken on the moon
    in 4834 minutes of moon time
    = one exposure every 50 seconds!”… just not possible.

  • TouchstoneMods

    Anyway we could get a high resolution image of this?