Ron Paul Highlights From CNN GOP Debate

He kills it in the debate, but the votes will be another story. Do you plan on voting for him?

  • Mr Willow

    I know who I’d vote for: ‘Herman Cain’.

  • Apathesis

    Are there any other choices?

    • WhyNot

      We could all write in for Colbert :-)

  • Peetr

    I’m voting for him… only for his stance on militarism and the banks.  But I’d like to see that money go into social system and infrastructure here at home.  He won’t win regardless.  WW3 is inevitable. 

  • Pb

    Fuck that.  Voting for Herman Cain.

  • brock

    23 minutes of Ron Paul’s economic voodoo is highlights? Does anyone really have the patience to sit through 23 minutes of him proselytizing about how cutting taxes and regulations is going to save the world?

    • Obama

      You should try watching the video, you may like some of what he has to say.  I know it’s hard to sit and watch something like this, but can you imagine someone trying to listen you talk for 23 mins? 

      • brock

        Well, if the title of the article had been ‘Ron Paul blathers on endlessly about his absurd economic policies’, then I would have known what to expect. But, the word ‘Highlights’ was in the title so I feel totally justified bitching about it.

  • DeepCough

    You may not be a royal turd like your fellow candidates, Paul, but your view of abortion is just as staggering.

  • Dinger

    Yes, I be voting for Paul. 

  • MrSta

    Ugh. Desperate times when this fellow is the best on offer.

  • juepucta

    Sorry. Mises, Hayek… Rand. No deal.

  • AMeshiea

    About 7 mins in…awesome speech on Medicare vs Militarism