SOPA Author Is A Copyright Violator

Vice notes that many of the congress members supporting SOPA/PIPA perhaps need to do a bit of inner soul searching, as they themselves have websites with copyright violations. That includes Lamar Smith of Texas, the author of SOPA, whose website background is a photo (likely lifted from Flickr) by someone named DJ Schulte, who does not receive credit or a link as he should have:


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  1. DeepCough | Jan 19, 2012 at 1:24 pm |

    What’s that? A politician who’s a hypocrite?! NO!

  2. The just went ahead and arrested the owner of MegaUpload in New Zealand anyhow,  to try to jump start the SOPA judicially without the legislation

  3. Hereigoagain04 | Jan 19, 2012 at 5:34 pm |

    This will be a great lesson to our lawmakers.  And that lesson is…make sure to include an immunity clause so that government officials can abuse the law they’re creating.  Anybody remember what happened to the “no-call list” for telemarketing?  We will be suppressed while lawmakers will be exempt.  Ironic, fun headline, but futile.

  4. This is a good example of how we could possibly turn anti-piracy legislation against the media companies and their supporters. A large conglomerate can’t possibly keep their own intellectual property house in order 100% of the time–so why not inundate them with takedown notices? Design a Creative Commons variant that charges pro-censorship companies $100,000/day to use your content, and encourage popular websites and content creators to use it. 

    The reason the media companies are so gung-ho about this is that they assume they’ll be the only one suing anybody, but my hunch is that they’d have second thoughts if a cottage industry emerged whose only purpose was to troll them for IP violations and extract large settlements, in exactly the same way that patent trolls leech off of large software companies. 

    • “The reason the media companies are so gung-ho about this is that they assume they’ll be the only one suing anybody…”

      They just might have full reason to believe that they can do so,  overwhelmingly.  Here is why,  in 1983 (as an example) there were 50 companies that owned the media that all are familiar with,  in 2012 it is just six companies.  So what you face is the utter majority “ownership” of 90% of everything mentioned – by six companies.  The point is not mentioned to get us to assume the fetal position and give up,  just to bring out what has happened in media – it goes on in every sphere in this capitalistic nightmare,  everything is allowed to go to the few – till everything else crumbles.

  5. I totally agree with dissing Smith for his rotten legislative agenda and his blatant pandering to corporate interests…but  did a little back check on the photos in question:

    Bad news…the photo that is being claimed as the original source…does not match the one used by Smiths website. The claim is bogus. Smiths website may not cite the creator of the real photo either…but that remains to be seen…but the one thats being announced as the source photo…has visible differences both on the left and right sides (the areas used in the background on the webpage) that are too obvious to miss.

    So…I may despise the guy personally…but I think we can hate on him without resorting to the shoddy rumormongering and false accusations that are generally the hallmark of political hacks like Smith.

    (Note: this applies only to the Smith site photo…the sites for Blunt and others… as mentioned in the article… seem like they’re identical.)

  6. Anti_Secret_Squirrel | Jan 20, 2012 at 2:04 pm |

    Does that surprise anyone?  I sure hope not.  I mean if you post pictures on the internet of any type (personal, professional, copyrighted, e.c.t.) in my opinion you are putting it out there for someone to use with or without your permission.  Yes, I would like to make some money from some of the pictures that I have taken but it is really flattering to me when someone “breaks copyright” or whatever to use my picture.  The only thing that bothers me is when people use others people’s pictures and say that they “took/created” them or in this doofus’s case.  I am sure that everyone in the US wakes up everyday and is breaking the law in some kind of way whether they are aware that they are or not.  Most of the laws/bills passed today are a fancy piece of toilet paper if you ask me.  They do nothing besides confuse people and put innocent people in jail (not the real “threats”).  As far as a congressman, senator, or any government representative goes…they should know better because they are the ones voting to pass pointless laws/bills.

  7. LOL. smacked his own ass.

  8. Interesting SOPA statistics

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