The Internet is a ‘Series of Tubes’; RIP Senator Ted Stevens, Americans Elect These F-ing People …

  • Mamagriff50

    What the F*ck? Is this guy an idiot? What’s he trying to say? My grandbabes (5-7) speak clearer and much more intelligently than this. W on earth elected this idiot. Is he drunk/maybe high?……………Duh.

  • Calypso_1

    He’s not well oriented to what century he’s in.  The original internet was a series of tubes and was steampunk.

  • Frank W

    That was Ted Stevens on teh Interwebz. So, here’s teh Interwebz on Ted Stevens:

  • DeepCough

    Today’s Latin Lesson: SENATOR

    From the Latin word, “Senatus” (the Ancient Roman Senate House), from “senex” (old man).

    So you can literally declare that the Senate is just a house for rambling old men.

    • Anarchy Pony

      Sounds fairly accurate to me.

  • Liam_McGonagle

    Relax, everybody.  He’s dead now.  All the scary dumb people are gone.  We can all rest easy. . . .

    Or can we?  He looked a few years past his sell by date in the clip.  Has the American taxpayer ever been given a satisfactory explanation for that junket to Haiti in August 2010?

    “Seprent and the Rainbow II:  Ted’s (Un)dead”

  • Mark
  • Tstbwrnk

    Nobody who wants to be a senator or congressman has a personality that makes them a bad candidate for being a politician. only assholes want that kind of power. everyone that wants to have that power to make a positive change is scolded by their opponents and ignored by voters

  • egroeggerg

    woohoo for drunk victorian senators

  • MrSta

    Clearly wrong. The internet is just a series of Ron Pauls.

  • Bronies

    vote bronie