The Megapocalypse Of Kim DotCom

Via Modern Mythology (by P. Emerson Williams)

An operation planned by a large international team of law enforcement working over the course of years and carried out with helicopters and machine guns in a military style raid. Taking refuge in a safe room, reportedly found “near a semi-automatic shotgun”, a larger than life villain is dragged out and taken into custody.

Photo: Andreas Bohnenstengel (CC)

Photo: Andreas Bohnenstengel (CC)

No, the target is not a drug kingpin, nor a deposed dictator (hence the safe room – sewage drains are reserved final hiding places for deposed dictators and jihadist masterminds), not a banker responsible for tearing the world economy apart, nor a corrupt Western politician on the leash of said bankers.

Much hay has been made of Kim Dotcom’s expansive mansion, expensive toys and cheesy movie villain antics. For those wondering why Megaupload was the target this fact alone should make it clear. They needed someone who would not invoke sympathy, and in this respect, they chose well. A huge congratulations to our owners for selecting and directing a story in a manner that would qualify them to take the raw footage shot for a reality TV show and create a narrative. If spying on citizens and enforcing laws not yet passed loses its luster, they should have no problem getting a job with Wife Swap or Deadliest Catch.

The takedown of megaupload is framed in the mold of major drug busts to which we have become used when presented with such a laundry list. More ingeniusly, in a fresh new year following the annum of the birth of the Occupy movement, the preceding list brings to mind the lists of bonuses, net worth and ostentatious belongings of hedge fund managers and bank executives. Our master’s meme-schemers had all of us in their thoughts in the planning stages. If this is all a coincidence, why would the presence of a full-size inflatable replica of a Russian T-72 tank on Goldfinger’s, uh, I mean Mr. DotCom’s property be relevant to the story? What does the widespread discussion of his license plates with “POLICE,” “MAFIA,” “V,” “STONED,” “CEO,” “HACKER,” GOOD,” “EVIL,” and “GUILTY” tell us about what the law enforcement side of the story wants us to think? Like Joseph Kennedy, DotCom amassed what to the great majority of us is a vast fortune (a $200 million company isn’t enough to impress our owners) through insider trading, shady schemes and outright fraud before founding the “Mega Conspiracy”…

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  1. PlantsTalkDirtyToo | Jan 28, 2012 at 8:57 pm |

    This dude must have had the best porn stash. I don’t think the media appreciates this.

  2. Anarchy Pony | Jan 28, 2012 at 8:58 pm |

    Glad to see the global justice establishment has their priorities straight.

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