The ‘Strange Sounds’ YouTube Meme: Apocalypse? HAARP? Viral Marketing?

Footage recording  bizarre mystery sounds of seemingly immense proportions emanating from the heavens (like the ones above) are being posted from multiple points of the globe but mainly in the Northern Hemisphere:

Speculation is rife as to their cause and nature and the story has been quickly spotted by the usual suspects:

A dedicated blog ( of some months standing has even sprung up to cater for the phenomenon.

More Fortean sceptical write-ups include:

  • Doubtful News, takes the long historical view, referencing the great unsung Fortean researcher William R. Corliss’ Earthquakes, Tides, Unidentified Sounds and Other Related Phenomena, and mass copycat behaviour
  • Reddit provides a technical analysis of the videos and gives us cause for suspicion

So what is it? The evolution of The Hum? The Last Trump? HAARP? Solar flares?

Or have we all been punked by J.J. Abram’s keen sense of mass hysteria and his latest world-wide PR campaign for Cloverfield 2?

Or is the truth some crazy combination of all the above and more? Post your opinions and rants below.

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  • AL

    Ive studied audio engineering and ive used synths for years a good many of these are definitely synthesized, some im not so sure though. The Kiev one and all the ones that sound like that are a little more interesting, could still be fake though, wouldnt be hard to do.

  • VoxMagi

    Sorry dudes…taco nights are always rough on me. Hope no one lost as much sleep as I did.

    • Camron Wiltshire

      Ah you beat me to it.

    • Loli

      they got this stuff called beano now, so you won’t scare the natives next time

  • Katbox1

    I don’t believe any of them.

  • purgatopia

    It all sounds like something from the band “Stars of the Lid”…which makes it awesome.  Seriously, though, a lot of it sounds the same to me, as if it is sound that has been overlaid on multiple videos.  I am thinking it is viral marketing at this point.  In August of 2011, some theorized that this sound was air escaping from deep underground military bases after subterranean nuclear blasts that were also used to explain the earthquakes in Colorado and Virginia at that time.  Its actually interesting to note that the sound was heard by all at a professional Baseball game in Florida and the TV announcers even commented on it.  Hmmm….Not sure how to explain that.  Interesting for sure but in the age of high-punkitude, who knows!  

  • madpmadashell

    It’s just the spawn of christian evangelicals from the US trying to scare their minions into thinking that it may be the trumpets of Jeeeeesus sounding the second coming. Oh and that it just so happens to coincide with the current election year when they want their minions good and fearful so, they’ll want to have a “good christian” candidate to vote for. I guess this means you OUT Mitt.

  • Simiantongue

    Warning there is a ending spoiler for a movie here. Don’t read this if you don’t want to know beforehand. It gets around to sounds in the sky.

    In the movie “Red State” there are two young people thrown together in a skirmish between federal agents and religious fundamentalists. A girl from the family of a radical church and a young man who was their prisoner that was going to be executed by them.

    They are the only two characters with any redeeming qualities that are going to do something “good” in a situation where it appears all sides are wrong. The leader of the religious cult and his followers are planning on everyone being killed and going on to their heavenly reward. The federal agents have screwed up the situation and have decided there should be no witnesses. The two young protagonists decide they want to rescue the youngest children from the massacre.

    However when they approach the federal agents they are gunned down. At that moment what appears to be incredibly loud and perplexing sounds, horns from heaven start blowing in the skies. It’s a very chilling and memorable moment in the movie. At that moment in the movie, from the perspective of the movie viewer, it appears that these two were “innocents” of a sort and that the moment they are killed, that is the moment of gods decision about the redeemable qualities of human kind, or lack therein. Some sort of judgement appears to have been passed. The horns are the signal of this. There is more to the story but I don’t need to tell you the rest for it to be pertinent.

    Since this movie sounds from the sky have become a very popular internet meme. Some of these recordings are actually rips of those sound effects from the film. That scene is actually one of the best in the film. It’s worth a watch just for that scene alone maybe.

    The motivation for making recordings, at least some of them I think, is a sort of religious “isn’t that chilling” fervor. While watching the movie it gives you kind of a chill. So you can imagine if that one chilling idea is separated from the chaff of the film it could generate some fascination with people.

    • Anarchy Pony

      I liked that film.

    • mxyzptlk

      A-YUP! Been posting the same thing elsewhere — that this was already done in Red State, and just maybe we’re seeing a new meme generated from that film. It’s like sonic planking.

    • Cittagaze

      definitely the red state sound….great movie though lol

    • Carlos Eduardo Saraiva

      I’ll check out the movie then..

  • zedted

    Would you believe? Me, you, anyone?  The audio with video has very little weight, but what if your best friend heard it and was there? What if, would you believe it then?   I don’t know, you don’t know, we weren’t there.
    But if it happened to me I know I would feel like a loon trying to convince anyone that what I saw or heard was real.  Just lock me up, gimme good drugs. PLEASE!

    Too much weird stuff happening right now.  How would you react if you were present for an alien landing?  Would you fall apart? Would you go for your guns? What?

    • Malk

      I think that’s called “thinking outside of the box.” Something we don’t get to see much of on here lately; I suppose the site has gotten ‘popular’ over time. I tend to listen when thousands of people all over the world are going ??? stadiums, cities, forests, kids, teens, adults. I’m the kind of ass to assume that most of the people on this planet are liars and jerks just looking to get a kick out of pissing other people off, don’t get me wrong there out there, but no on this kind of scale.

      something new is going on, and that’s all I know for sure so far. might be totally normal every ten thousand years and we just don’t know it. then again it is 2012…

      • Malk

        lol I missed a REALLY key word in there: I’m “not” the kind of ass…

  • Heath

    Sweet! It appears Fripp has made a new album…

    • supernatter

      brian eno would be more melodic

      • Kahnmoon

        My first thought when hearing them was WOW! Eno and Throbbing Gristle together at last!

  • Simon

    The Children of Alduin awake! Arise Dovahkin and show thy fury!

    • RoboKy

      I’m waiting for the troll video where you hear a FUS RO DAH after some dramatic build up.

  • m1kesa1m0ns

    as someone who has experimented with FM synthesis and tape speed, it’s obvious to me most of them are fake. As the guy on Reddit points out, one is real but easily explained.

  • PlantFan

    Just people near a rave warming up the sound system

  • Artor

    It sounds to me like cars driving over a metal-decked bridge. Could we get the opinions of professional sound engineers? I have no faith that these recordings are not faked.

  • Zenc

    Some of this sounds like parts of “Blood and Honey” by the Swans.

  • Anarchy Pony

    There have been reports of mystery sounds for centuries. I doubt that it’s being caused by haarp or anything like that. Could be some kind unexplained atmospheric or geological effect.

  • Jim

    I never heard these sounds and neither have friends and relatives who are spread over Canada. If this is as haunting as it sounds and is very loud, I’m quite sure more people would have heard these sounds and would be reported in the mainstream media. This is viral marketing IMO.

  • Matt

    It’s the very calling of the gods. We must stand up and fight for humanity a we know it. It’s time we start to work together and preserve what we know an love.

    • Anarchy Pony

      We need to fight for a lot more than just humanity.

  • Matt

    Dragonrend! Who wants to come with me to soverguard

    • Anarchy Pony

      All you ridiculous dragonborns are ridiculous. I’m perfectly happy hiding from my destiny in the thieves guild.
      And it’s Sovngarde

      • JaceD

        Pffft thieves guild? You pussy, take a piece of the nightmother fool! The dark brotherhood are coming for you.

        • Anarchy Pony

          I drop every pitiful assassin you fools send my way. You come at me, prepare to get paralyzed and helpless, ’cause my alchemy skills will end you.

          • JaceD

            Ha! You’re no match for my maxed out sneak / marksman skills, one shot with a poison arrow and you’re dead.

          • Anarchy Pony

            Nocturnal has made me one with the shadows. I will fade away before your very eyes.

          • JaceD

            Good call, i forgot the thieves guild had nocturnal… Nightingale armour is probably the most badass looking armour in the game.

          • Anarchy Pony

            Word up yo. And I got me hand crafted daedric weapons too.

          • supermatter

            not that i care this board devolved into a skyrim because its apparently more interesting then wannabe indie film makers putting Robert Fripp/(name funny ambient artist here) babble about noises in the sky. I killed every Vigilant of Stendar and felt no remorse beat that trolls

          • D.D.B.

            Looks like the “Gamers” among us just outed themselves…

  • Trep

    My guess is that this is viral marketing for the terrible-looking movie “Battleship”.  I just rewatched the trailer for it, and the alien ship sounds were pretty similar to the ones in the posted video.

  • Antediluvian

    Just Lustmord recording his new album.

    • PlaceWhereTheBlackStarsHang

      Oh, wow…cannot thank you enough for introducing me to this artist! His music will be haunting my dreamscapes for some time to come…

    • Loli

      O.O     freakin awesome

      • Loli

        also thanks for the new musical experience

    • Blah

      first thing i thought about too. 

  • Tio Holtzman

    From Aphex Twin’s new album Selected Ambient Works Volume III (Disc 2)

  • johnny herrengo

    It’s obviously the same camera operator in every sequence. How did he get to all those different places in one week? This is some really thin bullshit my friends.

  • Teilomsas

    Cthulu strikes from above?

    • DeepCough

      No, those would be the Flying Polyps.

  • Ken

    This is odd.  I heard something like this on thursday.  I didn’t think to record it or anything as i was working in my garage and thought the church was playing something different even though it was late in the afternoon.  WEIRD.

  • Seandorts

    Not a warming sound at all. Quite unsettling

  • naima

    i heard this last night in london too 

  • MadHierophant

    I think one of those is the Hypnotoad sound…

  • Thepcman12003

    The curious about that is that last night arrownd 6:00 PM hours of Puerto Rico and 7:00 PM hours in Florida I was talking with a friend and in boths locations a wierd sound were on the air. We heard the same sound on more than 250 miles away from each other. Of course nobody will believe that, but was true.

  • Weird_guy69

    At 48 seconds in a bird squaks and the exact same sqawk at 13:38 in different locations

  • Ronmexico93

    Edmunton, Alberta? come on, spell the city right at least

  • Lestatsmith

    It is very Nice and Interesting Cartoon for watch in type of Video Player Online .

  • Christ

    Holographic sound being tested for the false alien invasion and second coming….. coming soon if they have their way.

    • Signal31

      Yeah, I’m going for the false alien invasion theory, too. It’s whacky enough to be true, and if I’m going to be infamous for posting here, I want to be an official crackpot, and not one of them pussy wannabe’s like David Icke. (Except now I have to write a damned book.)

  • dp1974

    Update from Strieber’s website:

  • TrojanBoi

    This is what stupid sounds like

  • Paul Tremble

    HAARP in action

  • CanorousC
  • CanorousC

    Oh…and don’t forget Cloverfield did this for their first movie…

  • AquaHaze

    Watch the last half hour of Red State. Enough said.

  • Theblog

    Haarp…. there are several of these set up around the northern hemisphere, used to modify the ionosphere. It’s bad news!

  • paul

    believe it or not, i actually heard this low frequency sound about a month ago. it continued for about an hour then it stopped. strange because i don’t live anywhere near construction sites.

  • Soldier of love

    I think that the world is suffering a disharmony caused because all the music we listen is in a frecuency of  440 Hz since 1939 rather than 432 Hz wich is an universal harmonic frecency, causing 8 Hz of acumulated contamination.. We must revolution the music changing the frecuency to its original one and stop complaining about if HAARP does a shit.. heres is a link .. i havent wachted it I just posted the one I think is useful, my real references are this but they are in spanish because im mexican :b. I hope traductors make a good job.

    We must generate orgon

    Peace and love

  • Soldier of love

    I think that the world is suffering a disharmony caused because all the music we listen is in a frecuency of  440 Hz since 1939 rather than 432 Hz wich is an universal harmonic frecency, causing 8 Hz of acumulated contamination.. We must revolution the music changing the frecuency to its original one and stop complaining about if HAARP does a shit.. heres is a link .. i havent wachted it I just posted the one I think is useful, my real references are this but they are in spanish because im mexican :b. I hope traductors make a good job.

    We must generate orgon

    Peace and love

  • Soldier of love

    Btw We also heard this noise in the southern states of Mexico!

  • Soldier of love

    Btw We also heard this noise in the southern states of Mexico!

  • Wjmiller132

    I don’t believe this the same as UFOs and Virgin Mary sitings and crop circles way too meany fakers not enough Science. I need more evidence other then crappy Videos and recordings.

  • Wjmiller132

    I don’t believe this the same as UFOs and Virgin Mary sitings and crop circles way too meany fakers not enough Science. I need more evidence other then crappy Videos and recordings.

  • Deadheadfordays

    Soldier of Love is dead on. Orgone technology is an awesome idea if you have the spiritual capacity to comprehend it along with enough conciouss enlightenment to put it to power. Start making those cloudbusters!

  • RighteouslyIndignant


  • Mhart9600

    If this is actually real, why are all the other people caught in the recording casually walking around like nothing is going on or more people are not on their balconies trying to figure out what that noise is… I know if I heard something like that, I would not be continuing my day like nothing had happened. And I’m pretty sure the last two clips were filmed at the same place, just adjacent buildings. If you look real close the buildings and surrounding landscapes look almost identical. Nice try though!

  • Bwahahaaaa!!!

    Just saw “Red State” last night.  Randomly clicked a movie on netflix, then I see this post.  Hilarious!

  • Boss Kraynium
  • Crud1972

    I was playing ghosties.

  • Crud1972

    no wait… 

  • Clacla Setebelese

    the biggest flash mob of history, I say!

  • Bfh1223

    strangely a couple weeks ago i heard a similar sound to this in chicago and it was pretty distinct from the usual construction sounds, plus when i looked out the window there was no construction going on where i usually hear it from… it creeped me out but i kinda just dismissed it… probably nothing but its strange that it was such a similar sound in the same place and around the same time

  • Burak Ickin

    I heard the same Noises in Switzerland Zürich at 01.02.2012…….

  • Bfwcarving

    What a dumb conspiracy theory/vid! Oooo, strange sounds, If you believe this rot you should be expelled from the gene pool forthwith! Sheesh!

  • Zosomia

    I guarantee the first clip is being filmed near a grated bridge and the sound you hear is vehicles of various size driving across the bridge.

  • David Martinez

    could be viral marketing for Pacific Rim. 

  • Abel Rodriguez

    Polar shift!

  • 138

    Wow, I heard sounds like this around december in Myrtle Beach. I just dismissed it as possible construction noise. I had no clue this was happening around the world. To me it sounded like a huge hollow metal box being dragged across a floor. It was loud enough to startle me.

  • Pigtails

    The Trumpets of Heaven have sounded.  Prepare for your demise, all of you corporate thieves and crooked bankers.  This is your warning, politicans who have sold your souls for money.

    • Christ

      The irony of their own mischievousness foretelling their own inevitable demise. FUCK THEM!

    • aosifg

      I don’t think the horns of heaven are partial to 99% either………     Its over bro…   Lets just enjoy the resonant bass while we can…

  • J

    i like how they threw those three things in with it… but thas aight..

  • Martin

    “Mmh”, ………. sounds lika a new “Scorn” Album? xD
    Check out the Album “Logghi Barogghi”. ^^

  • Sennalvr

    I live in the  Chicago area and I’ve never heard these sounds while I’ve been outside. And I haven’t heard anything on the news about it either. My guess is someone is doing some sort of advanced PR campaign for some weird movie they’re marketing.

    • M.C.

      Same here. I would have heard that. Besides, look at all the videos. “Ho-hum, this is just me filming absolutely nothing…oh wait! What’s the weird sound that just so happened to ring out whilst I film nothing?’

  • Moix

    This is so fake… ¿How can anyone believe this is real? ¿How can this be on Disinfo?

  • RevCat

    What they are hearing and recording is the Earth’s crust vibrating. This is caused by a destabilization of it’s magnetic field. We are currently 600,000 years overdue for a polarity shift and in the past 100 years the polarity has become unstable, signaling that a reversal may be coming very soon. It won’t be the end of the world, but things will be a little weird for a number of years as the new North and South poles stabilize. 

    • Joanne

      You are 100% right! I hope others listen to you.

    • Kyle Belarion

      Earth’s crust vibrating would create extremely low tones that we would for the most part not hear!  We perhaps might hear the overtones of it, but even then, they would be rumbles, not strange trumpet/synthesizer frequencies that abruptly stop with no reverb tail whatsoever.. good theory, but bollocks..

  • The Tribunal

    Some governments have begun experimentation with an electromagnetic, international intercomm system….    Now i know why the illuminati has been suggestiong that everyone become a rock star….  Maybe a few of them will learn how to manipulate latent sound vibrationand charge the energy…

  • JayPeas

    Possibly columns of cell phone to satellite reverberations from overload of usage in the Northern Hemisphere. JP

  • itsbonertime

    my question is, why arent people freaking the fuck out…if i were to witness this shit, i would be yelling some nonsense for sure….if this is p.r…its brilliant.

  • Warner Brown

    I’m a producer. This is garageband manipulated sounds, obviously mixed in over natural ambience, because the sounds do not match the recording quality of those cameras. It was just edited in. 

  • BiPolar bear


    • Kyle Belarion


  • Raphie6

    1.The sounds don’t even match.
    2.Anyone can add sounds to a video like that, using any sound/video rendering software.
    3.remember “the boy who cried wolf?

  • tuesday

    Earth Crust Displacement

  • jack meoff

    please–do you guys think people really believe this bullshit

  • Mactnasi

    It is Heimdall blowing the Gjallarhorn

  • Kyle Belarion

    What would be a LOT more interesting to me is if someone actually tried to catalog the number of witnesses who have video evidence, and perhaps other people in their area who claim to have also heard the sounds and can be somehow proven not to know said previous people with videos.. THEN you have something to really look at.  I use synthesizers too, many of these could have been made in Absynth..

    Someone needs to analyze the sounds for how well they blend in with the ambient noise.. perhaps some Fourier analysis, then you have your answer.

  • Mikal Cg

    These are very common synth sounds. You’ve also heard these in movies such as “War of the Worlds (2005)”.

  • Nancy Chandler

    Sure there are going to be spoofs and hoaxes.  But, when someone hears them first hand in their yard in Savannah and calls me every time it happens, I know she is holding out her cell phone – not a 40 yr old stay at home Mom spoofing with the soundtrack to Red State or War of the Worlds.  Anyway, I’ve heard bad music in my day, it usually doesnt mess up my equilibrium.