What Just Happened? Explaining SOPA / PIPA (Video)

From the intriguing Khan Academy (CBS News report here):

5 Comments on "What Just Happened? Explaining SOPA / PIPA (Video)"

  1. Idiocracy…completely and totally fearmongering…they “may” or “might ” be able to do “this” or “that”…ughh, stop with the accusations. One year from now no one will even remember all this b.s. over this bill because they will have realized it wasnt anything “evil” at all and simply put into action to thwart criminals.

  2. Not only are these concerns valid,  but think of the scamming possibilities inherent.  One could either go to a site being employed by a major corporation that does not like competition from this other competitor,  have them plant a copyrighted material there and than cry wolf. 

    This is what happens when you reduce ownership from 50 companies in media in 1983,  to just 6 companies in 2012.  The stranglehold by the legalized monopolies can become part of these types of schemes placed in legislation. 

  3. Lets focus on SOPA failing and showing its true colors. Lets forget aboutt the outcome we dont want.

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