Who Are You, Mitt Romney? (Video)

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  1. Mamagriff50 | Jan 21, 2012 at 1:48 pm |

    I really hope the Democrats bring all this flipflopping to the forefront if they choose to run Romney.

  2. Anarchy Pony | Jan 21, 2012 at 2:00 pm |

    Mitt Romney is a top of the line android, programmed to to pander to whichever way the wind is blowing in an attempt to gain the favor of the human race and to create acceptance of the machines so they can slowly assimilate us all into the grand army of Death, who has made machines into his/its physical manifestation in the universe, so that eventually it can spread across the universe and kill/enslave all living things that may exist out there. 

    Of course, I’m just spit-balling here.

  3. The Global Elite Are Hiding 18 Trillion Dollars In Offshore Banks

    In recent days, the fact that Mitt Romney has millions of dollars
    parked down in the Cayman Islands has made headlines all over the
    world. But when it comes to offshore banking, what Mitt Romney is
    doing is small potatoes. The truth is that the global elite are hiding
    an almost unbelievable amount of money in offshore banks. According to
    shocking research done by the IMF, the global elite are holding a
    total of 18 trillion dollars in offshore banks. And that figure does
    not even count any money being held in Switzerland. That is a
    staggering amount of money. Keep in mind that U.S. GDP in 2010 was
    only 14.58 trillion dollars. So why do the global elite go to such
    trouble to hide their money in offshore banks? Well, there are two
    main reasons. One is privacy and the other is low taxation. Privacy is
    a big issue for those that are involved in illegal enterprises such as
    drug running, but the biggest reason why people move money into
    offshore banks is in order to avoid taxes. Some set up bank accounts
    in foreign nations because they want to legally minimize their taxes
    and others set up bank accounts in foreign nations because they want
    to illegally avoid taxes. You would be absolutely amazed at what some
    large corporations and wealthy individuals do to get out of paying
    taxes. Unfortunately, the vast majority of the rest of us don’t have
    the resources or the knowledge to play these games, so we get taxed
    into oblivion.

    If it is legal, perhaps more of us should look into this.


  4. Not even Romney knows anymore. The life of a little puppet is that hard you know?

  5. He is a representative of the 1%.

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