Barack Obama: Serial Warmonger (Video)

  • Ronpaulite2012

    Compelling video!

  • sonicbphuct

    Bravo! One all powerful black man is the same as one all powerful white man. It saddened me more than I had expected that our leap out of a cultural past with Obama’s election did not mean a leap out of our current policies and daily injustices, at home or abroad.
    It heartened me, however, to know that the Citizenry leaped over the chasm … and left room for hope that one day, the Leaders of those citizens would as well.

  • Rex Vestri

    Cue the PaulTards in 3….2….1….

    • Peetr

      OBEY! in 3….2….1….

  • Liam_McGonagle

    Very true.

    I wonder if there’s a generational thing going on with respect to the relative emphasis folks place on this issue.  While it clearly impacts everyone, my subjective sense is that Millenials and younger are more likely to adopt this as their make-or-break issue, if they’re inclined to be single-issue voters.

    • CourageousConvictions

      It’s not just this issue, though: getting rid of the Patriot Act; ending the so-called “war on drugs” and then releasing those whose only conviction was for non-violent drug offenses…these are all pretty compelling reasons to vote for him. 

  • ZombieSlapper

    You lost me at Ron Paul…

  • D351

    So, let’s respond to a god-awful problem with an even worse one?

  • Artor

    That was pretty compelling right until the end when it turned into a Ron Paul wank-fest.

  • Amilcar

    You people have lost faith in democracy. Whoever knows history is condemned to get fancier killer drones when they are elected: that is what CHANGE means.

  • Rooti

    The Republicans are happy to elect another Neocon like Romney or Santorum because they embrace the policies of perpetual war and the destruction of our Constitutional rights. Democrats are happy to re elect Obama who has carried on the same Neocon policies. The only choice, the only peace candidate, the only candidate that is not a Neocon is Ron Paul. In fact, he is the only honest man in the field. But the hopeless liberals can’t get behind him because he is not in favor of big government and he is not in favor or abortion. What a sorry lot the liberals have become that they would prefer the status quo over real and much needed change.

    • Hellfire7885

       Is that a rectum on your face? Oh, it’s your mouth.

      The reason I can’t agree with Paul is, aside the fact that materi l was found about him in a Neo Nazi databate, is his “deregulate everything” stance.

  • Hellfire7885

    Still waiting to see black Humvees trucking people away

    Giving that my grandfather openly hates Obama and is still a free man, the above is full of SHIT.

  • Michael Silvia

    You would really dismiss this info b/c the end of the video endorses Ron Paul???  And you want to call us “Paultards.”???  (…sigh…. slow shake of the head in a disbelieving manner)….  Ron Paul people, do their homework and NEVER choose party over principle and WE are the crazy, stupid, zealots???  You’ve got to the power of the MEDIA!  You do realize they call it “programming” for a reason right?

    “Everybody knows that the world is full of stupid people!”
    -Roger Clyne and the Peacemakers

    I’m pretty sure they were singing about you..