California is America’s Most-Hated State

ArnoldDennis Romero writes in LA Weekly:

​Don’t hate us because we’re beautiful. Or do.

It turns out the left-most state is also America’s most-hated, according to a recent survey by Public Policy Polling. And California’s left-leaning politics seem to have a lot to do with it. The Golden State is the most-disliked in the union, and Hawaii is the most-liked. In fact, ours was one of only five states that received majority-negative views by our fellow Americans, according to PPP:

Americans generally have a favorable view of most states. Only five are in negative territory, led by California (27% favorable and 44% unfavorable), Illinois (19-29), New Jersey (25-32), Mississippi (22-28), and Utah (24-27).

Barack Obama’s home state of Hawaii was the most-loved, with 54 percent of us viewing it positively. (Of course — it’s America’s vacation state) …

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  • Test

    left most state = bullshit…even iowa allows gay mariage

    • Hadrian999

       well on a road map it is

  • Anarchy Pony

    California is majorly conservative. It just has a few disproportionately loud left leaning cities like San Fran. I however, don’t like California, because it seems to be largely full of insufferable, self important douche bags. Not that they make up the whole population.

  • Hadrian999

    Illinois isn’t so bad once you get outside of chicage

    • Anomaly_of_Anomie

      Chicago is where I was born and raised. When I finally managed to escape, I wound up in Indiana. I suppose fate has a sense of humor. 

      • Hadrian999

         please tell me not in Gary

  • Redacted

    They must have just left the South out. Also, Alaska, Oregon, Montana, Wyoming, Colorado, and New York.

    • mannyfurious

      Damn Dude, Oregon and Colorado are like two of the best states in the country. And Montana at least has some good views……

  • Matt Test

    What???/ NJ isn’t #1??

    • Adam

      Yeah…as a life-long California resident, more than anything I’m just upset we didn’t beat out New Jersey. But then again, the negative perceptions most people get of both states are likely due to television (especially of the reality kind) and its corrosive bullshit.  The “real” California is nothing like you see on TV, and I’m sure neither is New Jersey.

  • RedHerring

    I swear, that man has a chest that looks like an ass …

  • Mr Willow

    There was more uncertainty in the numbers than anything (the majority of the questions had around 50% answering ‘Not Sure’).

    Indifference seems to be the pervading characteristic of the American psyche. . . 

  • conscious pilot

    As an inhabitant of California, I disagree with the over-generalization that we are a largely leftist state.  Our large cities, which hold a substantially larger amount of people than in our other cities, are largely left and hold more prominence in our political community.  However, I live in Orange County, where it is mostly right-wing tea partiers and conservatives.  I do not think this is due to area, however; simply put: there are more young adults in some areas, and more parents and baby boomers in others.  Of course there are going to be more young adults in the prominent cities, and they often lean towards the left.  As a democrat living in Orange County, let me tell you, we’re like the pariahs of the town.  You should have seen the terrible people screaming at us when we were peacefully protesting against Prop 8 on street corners…….not gonna deny that we do harbor a bunch of pretentious douchebags in our state.  If we a leftist state, then why did Prop 8 pass in the last election…….?  It wasn’t the state that reinstated the rights of gays to marry, but the supreme court.  God I hate this state.  

    • jasonpaulhayes

      Well said, I agree completely.

      “The problem with the world is that the intelligent people are full of doubts, while the stupid ones are full of confidence.” Charles Bukowski

    • Leto Atreides

      The issue where I live is that most of the people leaving California to come here are from those major cities so the impression we get is that California is a bunch of pushy nanny-state yuppie pricks.

      • jayjay4142

        I have lived in several states throughout my lifetime.  When I moved from CA. to a Southern state what I found was a bunch of judgemental, pious snobs.  The attitude is you mean you are not working then you must be a Socialist.  No matter that they just shut your plant down and unemployment is 20% in this state. You are still a lazy good for nothing Socialist.  If you ain’t born here you ain’t never gonna be one of us anyhow.

    • jayjay4142

      I hate Orange County.  Bunch of self-righteous snobs.

  • jasonpaulhayes

    It has been proposed that California be split into North / South California, which would make sense because Norcal is notoriously a left leaning area of California while Socal is insufferably right leaning. I for one think its a good idea but I also live in Norcal among marijuana farmers and the remnant of hippie culture where even the police drive Prius’. Being an Independent and leaning so far left I’m off the chart, I find most of the nation insufferable.

    Welcome to the 4th Reich !

    • Honu

      Socal is insufferably right leaning?….me thinks not.  I live in San Diego and despite the perception that it’s very conservative, it’s got a large liberal contingent and progressive communities.  Also…LA?  Conservative?  uh, no.

      • jayjay4142

        Orange County is right leaning. On You Tube the other day I heard a Baptist minister and his congregation praying for OBAMA to die. He was in Orange County.

        • Calypso_1

          They can pray all they want but we all know that the anti-christ will die from a head wound and be resurrected for the whole world to follow him.

  • marvin nubwaxer

    and you asked people california how they feel?  if i were filthy rich i MIGHT consider somewhere else–for a warmer winter climate, or the republicans have taken over, or just to see what it would be like, but i’ve been here since 1953 and envy is so ugly in people.

  • church of ZED

    Most Californians hate all the restrictive laws but can’t do anything about it.  Make SF it’s own state, let them have at it.   Let them drown in their own Santorum.

  • Raja

    What? No Delaware?!

  • VoxMagi

    The matter is much more one of perception than of fact. CA gets bashed as the leftist capitol of Satans outreach ministries on Earth by Fox and most of the fright wing outside of CA. Naturally, since religious gulls sprawled around their trailers rarely travel or see the world…they buy whatever crap is spewed to them by the venom box they watch or the snake oil salesman they worship with. As a result…the mental image of CA is “Hollywood/drugs/fashion/hookers/liberalism/rich liberals/foreigners treated like humans/and other various ills that a healthy dose of Jesus and ammo would properly fix”.

    This doesn’t have anything to do with the reality of CA…a patchwork quilt of conservative and liberal pretty much like anywhere else…or address the cost of living issues and population issues…all that stuff is more mental work than rubes can handle. They stick with watching their favorite pundit roll their eyes while mentioning CA with a sneer…and if the guy in the little box hates it…so should they.

    As for me, been there twice. Loved the sights, the food, the natural splendor along the Rockies…but even if the prices were affordable and the politics saner…I still wouldn’t live there. I’m a Michigan guy right down to my bones. Besides…here…we never have earthquakes…and we’re surrounded by the largest collections of fresh water in the world. If/when the world goes to shit…we’ll be well set here in MI for a lot longer than a lot of places not so blessed with fresh water abundance.

    • Jason Mealler

       The Rockies run through the middle of the country (Montana, Wyoming, Colorado, etc.) and have nothing to do with California. The more you know…

      That being said, I concur with the general thrust of your comment.

      • VoxMagi

        Out of curiousity…whats the mountain range you cross into on the border of mid Cal as you pass through into Tahoe and Nevada. (Tahoe exists in both Cali and Nevada, the state line splits the town in half.) The elevation was pretty high…and there were some great tourist points along some of the more passable areas that were historically used by travelers. I just can’t find a geo-map. I’d been told that all the ranges in the entire SW US were extensions of what we call the Rockies…running from Canada all the way down to Mexico…but that each range had its own sub-name. (I can never keep the names apart.) Bright side…if you ever pass thru there…swimming at high elevation in a mountain lake is a trip :-)

        • Adamsshadow

          That mountain range is the Sierra Nevada, much smaller but no less majestic, rugged, and beautiful than the Rockies. It encompasses both the Lake Tahoe region (Ritzy with a capital “R”) in the north and Yosemite National Park much farther to the south.  I know this because I live in the Central Valley and the little cowboy town I grew up in sits right at the foot of the Sierras.

          • VoxMagi

            Oh you lucky devil! Damn but thats some beautiful country. Thanks for the reminder as well…but now I’m just green with envy. I really have to go back for another extreme hiking tour. I may love Michigan above all others…but I take great joy from natural splendor wherever its to be found…and that are has it in spades!! Peace man!

    • Nick King

      Or maybe its because the people there refer to any one who disagrees with their political beliefs as members of a Satanic cult. You say its a patchwork quilt of conservative and liberal but than you go and generalize conservatives as gullible, murderous xenophobes.

      • VoxMagi

        I think I may have left it unclear,  I admit. For the record…we’re dealing with CA being ‘the most hated state’. It’s detractors…the percentage of people who make up those who ‘hate’ a state more than most…are the people I’m talking about…and most of that image issue is locked in with a not merely conservative crowd…but a religious, conservative, and yes actually gullible crowd.

        Does this mean ALL conservatism is dominated by the same characteristics? Not at all. However…the percentage of people who can be moved easily to buy into the mischaracterization of a state based on a well known and visible conservative/religious media depiction of CA? Yeah…don’t defend them. They are what they are…gullible, vicious, xenophobes, and I feel no shame in calling them that…the same way I would feel no shame in calling air air…or calling water water. 

      • Jin The Ninja

        “generalize conservatives as gullible, murderous xenophobes.”

        because those two adjectives encompass their war-hawkery, racism, economic corruption, anti-civil rights positions, imperialist and fascist aspirations already- the only thing i’d hasten to add is their focused and rampant contempt for the environment.

        they really are those things. and they prove it-either through the mainstream rhetoric (said by them, or for them on any media outlet at any given moment), or even dare i say, occassionally on this very site- in an alternative narrative focused on (but not limited to) a certain anti-hero saint cult.

      • Andrew

        If you’re not gullible, murderous, or xenophobic, then you’re not an American conservative.

  • DeepCough

    I don’t know where the fucking-fuck people get the idea that Cali is a “liberal state,” and even if you think that’s due to “Hollywood liberalism,” well, that’s bullshit, too (case in point: the Spaghetti Western). If ever there was anything liberal at all about California, it’s due to the liberal spillover from Oregon (which would explain Humboldt County on one note).

    • Anarchy Pony

      Actually Humboldt is one county further south.

      • DeepCough

        Shit, the spillover was bigger than I thought.

  • BillV

    All of the comments disagreeing with the findings are basing their position on their own perceptions. We all see what we wish to see, or have been taught to see. I’ve been through CA many times, and find both left and right leaning regions throughout. The college towns, unsurprisingly, I find to be more liberal.

  • mannyfurious

    It’s somewhat terrifying to believe that I live in a country that believes Mississippi, Alabama, Arkansas, Kansas, Nebraska, Oklahoma and South Carolina are somehow more respectable places to live than California…..

  • Bifzan

    What about Ohio?