Chicago Will Have Eyes In The Sky For G8 Summit

G8Aaron Cynic writes at Diatribe Media:

Illinois legislators are still wrestling with the issue of average citizens recording police activities on the streets, particularly in regard to the upcoming NATO/G8 demonstrations in May in Chicago. Local law enforcement, however, will be able to keep their eyes and ears trained on anyone planning to protest, and will now be doing it from the friendly windy city skies.

A press release from a company called Vislink revealed that Chicago Fire and Police Department helicopters will be equipped with new airborne surveillance technology ahead of the summits in May:

The airborne units will transmit to four strategically located ground-based receiver sites providing city-wide coverage and the ability to simultaneously receive real-time images from two aircraft for viewing at the OEMC operations center. An additional three receive systems will be installed in the city’s mobile command vehicles to facilitate field operations.

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7 Comments on "Chicago Will Have Eyes In The Sky For G8 Summit"

  1. Anarchy Pony | Feb 23, 2012 at 1:01 pm |

    Sounds like a job for a good ol’ fashioned 12 gauge.

    • Monkey See Monkey Do | Feb 23, 2012 at 2:36 pm |

      And an anti-aircraft weapon.

      • Anarchy Pony | Feb 23, 2012 at 2:41 pm |

        Well, a shotgun blast or two at the electronics suite, should hopefully be enough to damage or destroy it, depending on the altitude of the aircraft, without causing life threatening harm to pilots or passengers, and avoids the risk of the flaming wreck killing  people on the ground. 

  2. If you read the links on the original article you will find it fits right into my previous posts about “new crimes.”  Illinois has now passed an act to criminalize filming police actions in any public place,  without “permission.”  It is now dubbed a class 1 felony,  and once this is done others across the country will follow suit.  So,  with the flick of a pen felonies keep coming like mushrooms after a spring rain –

    33,000,000 (done in 2003!)

    • eyeoftheaxis | Feb 23, 2012 at 5:14 pm |

      My mom is not a lawyer nor am I, …but I think technically the law applies to sound recording. Most video has sound and that’s the deal. AND a DSLR with no sound would probably get smashed along with your head just the same. Here’s how I deal with it. ( daylight up to 6 frames per sec. ) — turn up the sound and look for the superheroes.

      • That is a very nice video.  Here is where I think we diverge,  I do not see any difference between the state and its functionaries (law,  policing forces,  etc.) and what an individual person can and cannot do – in other words,  I do not think it is a legitimate dichotomy (in fact,  I reprobate this entire system in place).  Of course,  one can always suffer the consequences for this view,  it really depends on who takes care of whom initially.  All the supposed officials are nothing but representatives of an elite,  so essentially the officials are just so much fodder between me and who is really running the show – so if one sets their sights correctly,  you should not miss the real target.

        If I were in Chicago, why should I go after the officials who attend the summit? Why not go after who they represent, and there will be no more summits (why shoot the decoys? Why not go after who set the decoys up in the first place).

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