Chinese ‘Twitter’ Claims North Korean Leader Kim Jong-un Assassinated

Dead TwitterReports Lucas Shaw via Reuters:

Did social media just prematurely kill off the leader of North Korea?

Rumors that Kim Jong-un, the country’s supreme leader, has been assassinated just months after he took power originated on Chinese microblogging service Weibo and have now spread all over Twitter.

Others are reporting that Jong-un, believed to be 28 years old, may be on the run rather than dead, but both reports claim that some kind of coup is taking place.

One person on Weibo wrote (loose translation): “north korea’s biggest leader kim jung un, this morning in beijing time 2:45 am, had his residence broken into and was assassinated by unidentified people, who were shot dead by his bodyguards in korea’s embassy in beijing, vehicles are rapidly increasing in number, and have surpassed 30 of them, this sort of battle formation hasn’t been seen in over two years. please verify this.”

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  1. I suspected the junta would never tolerate a smarmy little twerp with delusions of grandeur unless he played ball and accepted a role as a meaningless figurehead…the old guard endured his father…and probably wouldn’t want to waste their time and effort on a second completely self indulgent weenie. Still…the rumors are worthless. Unless some hard data shows up..who can say whats goin on? Its anyones guess until the dust settles.

  2. Unless it’s nuclear dust. 

  3. Ach, who knows what’s really going on?

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