Daniele Bolelli Vs. Joe Rogan: Round 2

Daniele Bolelli, martial artist, philosopher, professor of comparative religion, and author of 50 Things You’re Not Supposed To Know: Religion, returns to the Joe Rogan Podcast:


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  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000163072308 Zach Templeton

    Aren’t cordyceps mushrooms the ones that take over an ants brain and make it climb high into the trees before sprouting out of its body and spreading more spores?

    • Camron Wiltshire

      Shit!  Joe Rogan is trying to harvest our minds through a “giant diet pill pyramid scheme!”  j/k, that would be nuts if it was the same species.

      • Calypso_1

        Cordyceps is an entire genus of several hundred fungal species.  The ones used by humans grow on host caterpillers after killing and mummyfing them – no zombies involved.  Though I suspect they may be awaiting ascension through the Anubis gate.

        • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000163072308 Zach Templeton

          All clear thanks for explanation, now i don’t have to freak out and think Joe is being controlled by fungus. Seeing as how he is such a fun guy. Dammit I had to, sorry.

          • http://www.facebook.com/people/Mike-Diaz/720524297 Mike Diaz

            That was so corny that it was GREAT!

      • Meatwad

        He wants us to meet him at 612 Wolf Avenue

    • Maca

      yes, what’s your point?

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Dan-Wiegandt/100000487685203 Dan Wiegandt

      not sure on the name of them, but I have seen them in the Life series. They said that there is a diff. strain of fungus for thousands of diff. types of insects. Pretty crazy shit

  • Camron Wiltshire

    Good times.  I agree that it is high time we reassess religion in all forms. 
    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n_KP5IIQqCk  “Healing of the nations”  

  • horselover fat

    Joe why the fuck are you drinking mcdonalds or some fast food bullshit? Do you realize who your money is going to and what your supporting? Not to mention bottled water but i won’t go into that becuase ignorant folks will flame away as if i’m just some tree hugging hippy.

    Jesus man wake up

    • horselover fat is a retard

      horselover, go and keep fucking your horses buddy. You are a fucking retard. 

      • I.P. Reilly

         Ummmm……. anyone else get the reference being made by Horselovers display name? I was hoping someone with more patience than I could explain it to the mouth breathers so quips like “go and keep fucking your horses buddy” could be avoided. I’m sure in the land of where the gene pool ends this is a quite insightful comment, but I expect a little more from this forum…..

        • gwen jackson

          “I expect a little more from this forum…..” LOL, someone’s being a little naive…and you should ALWAYS expect low-minded trolling wherever Rogan is mentioned, it’s like some creepy homoerotic cult. As for Rogan, he’s never funnier than when he tries to be serious. Funnier now than he’s ever been.

      • HugoChavezIsAwesome

        Horselover Fat is a crucial PKD character, so you can get bent.

        • I.P. Reilly

          Ha!, did you wiki that or what? Horselover “a crucial character”? Quite an understatement if ever there was one, Yeah if one’s alter-ego, or hidden personality is at all crucial to an artist. Horselover is PKD. He claimed to have had to live on horse-meat during some of his financially leaner times. Personally I find his non-science fiction work some of his most interesting writing. Confessions of a Crap Artist, Humpty Dumpty in Oakland, or The Transmigration of Timothy Archer to name a few. Wiki can be so dangerous in the wrong hands, really use more caution next time… oh, and Hugo Chavez is nothing more than your garden variety thug

    • Nyknicks5

      @3cdb7c8b45519d047a46431e40634a6a:disqus — Rogan talks about eating grass fed beef exclusively — he constantly rips the poor quality of fast food. You don’t know what you’re talking about.
       PS — your grammar sucks

      • samantha

        He has a some kind of fast food cup right there… So he rips it, yet he is promoting it. 

      • gwen jackson

        Yeah, like all celebutards, Rogan talks a lot of bullshit.  It’s called hypocrisy, fanboy. Look it up.

      • http://www.facebook.com/people/Dan-Wiegandt/100000487685203 Dan Wiegandt

        uh, he has a fuckin mcdonalds drink right there in front of him. the fact that he ‘talks’ about eating ‘grass fed’ beef, and rips the poor quality of fast food, doesn’t make it so. If you don’t support fast food industry, why go there. I have a hard time believing someone that preaches this shit to the extent he does, would stop at a McDonalds for just a drink. lol @ rogan fans thinking he is anything more than a a shitty comedian and a liar. this dude doesn’t practice half the shit he preaches.

    • Sanger

       Valid points Phillip K. Dick.  Life is not always as pure for others as for yourself.  Conflict exists.

  • Mike Diaz

    joe rogan is a genius.  the bolliel book was interseting but it was like highlights off the back of a ceral box.  and redban sucks.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_MGN7KRNJTTKIAHTFGDNHGBEGEU JIM


  • Chata07 Jg

    The greatest irony is that the masses slavishly worship and glorify “God” when, in fact, the True
    God perfect humility and would never welcome being worshipped. Nothing is less god-like than the
    desire to be worshipped. To crave worship is to be a creature of an out-of-control ego. It is Satan
    who demands worship, and his followers (all of those so keen to bow and prostrate themselves) are
    Satan worshippers, nothing more and nothing less. The ceremonies of the Christians, Muslims and
    Jews where they debase themselves in their desperation to glorify Satan are grotesque and
    nauseating.I read this somewhere and it was as if someone was reading my mind, Ive always thought that religion was invented by people and only one can choose to follow. I just can’t believe that so many people have actullay been brainwashed to this extreme, it’s mind boggling! I believe in spirituality because within myself I know who I am! True religion to me is to believe in yourself and live life to the fullest without feeling judged for every thought that goes on in my complex mind!

  • Adamcmanus

     Joe why the fuck are you drinking mcdonalds or some fast food bullshit?
    Do you realize who your money is going to and what your supporting? Not
    to mention bottled water but i won’t go into that becuase ignorant folks
    will flame away as if i’m just some tree hugging hippy.

    Why is Joe Rogan trying to pass himself off as intelligent? It doesn’t work at all.