Effective Advertising (Video)

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  • TitanSneezed

    Thanks for posting this commercial – the only way it could have been better would have been if it had another advertisement while loading.

    • Camron Wiltshire

      Hahaha.  You know I don’t really drink beer myself, I also have never heard of this brand (full disclosure)  Just thought it was a clever way to play with peoples reaction to stereotypes.  Of course some of the actors didn’t make it look to inviting for anyone but it’s the dynamic I thought was interesting.  Again I don’t plan on drinking the brew and just thought the set up was clever.  

  • Eric_D_Read

    Never tried the beer before, but its good to see they’re incorporating cultural tolerance of bikers into their ads. Bikers have been marginalized and oppressed by mainstream society for too long.

    • Camron Wiltshire

      Agreed 😉

      • Monkey See Monkey Do

        Double Agreed. Govt’s are introducing bikie specific laws in the U.S. and Australia to ‘supposedly’ go after the violent bikie gangs. In reality they are introducing these laws to clamp down on the assembly and organizing of activist groups and the assembly and organizing of non-violent bikie gangs.

        • Eric_D_Read

          They’re clubs. NEVER call them gangs; at least not where they can hear you.

          • Monkey See Monkey Do

            I like the definition of gang as ‘a group of people who associate together or act as an organized body, mostly for illegal purposes’ – Any decent and productive activist group operates in this way. But i get your point.

  • Lakota

    hehe. That’s cute. 

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