Extremely Loud and Incredibly Stupid (Video)

This movie (parody) should be nominated for an Oscar:

  • Ceausescu

    Does this parody actually exists ? Or just a trailer ? :(

    • http://wearechangeatlanta.com/ Camron Wiltshire

      Just a parody, in faux trailer form.  

  • http://wearechangeatlanta.com/ Camron Wiltshire

    Fascinating memery, memeituide? mermeme?  memeaggeddon?  
    metameme? By Any Memes Necessary.  Yes. That’ll do.

    • http://wearechangeatlanta.com/ Camron Wiltshire

      or is it post nasalstential drip antihipstermeme?  The mind boggles.  

  • http://wearechangeatlanta.com/ Camron Wiltshire

    http://www.funnyordie.com/videos/ca21cba38e/baby-back-ribs?rel=player  These guys have a strange ability to render the horrible….really kinda funny.  I think psychopathic humor might be in…  Well shit on crackers…

    • jigglyboobs

       one of their best was called ‘blow job girl’, if it’s still around. the girl ‘blew’ me away…

      • http://wearechangeatlanta.com/ Camron Wiltshire

        I think that was “derrick comedy”.  Are you referring to the chick from the office? Red head?  Mad funny!

  • http://wearechangeatlanta.com/ Camron Wiltshire

    I’m just gonna keep posting comments

  • marklar_primus

    Pathetic. They chose their domain name well though.

  • Casper

    This how i imagine the the commenters here to act when they are at home.

    • http://hormeticminds.blogspot.com/ Chaorder Gradient

      Screw that, Its all about acting like that in public.

    • Redacted

      Nah. I really only get that passionate about knitting.

      • Calypso_1

        Knitting needles are great for additive transnasal lobotomy effect in a coup de grace curbing.

  • TheTruthIsOutThere

    Brilliant! This just made my day :-)

    • GoodDoktorBad

      Which part? Truthfully….

  • GoodDoktorBad

    This is just an example of getting crazy over something you can do little or  nothing about. The sad part is the guy in the video has perfectly valid points. Nothing he said is crazy in itself, yet he (the character) is crazy and making everybody else around him crazy.

    Of course, this is and has always been the plan.

    Shit, even I am tired of hearing about it….

    • TheTruthIsOutThere

      It is making fun of what looks like a terrible movie, while simultaneously making several valid points. I suppose they could have made it serious but instead they went with humor. I was laughing with the overblown character, not at him, because there is a part of me that wishes I could do the same thing…scream at the top of my lungs at the idiocy and gullibility of the general public.   

  • DeepCough

    Notice how Nicholas Cage was cast for this parody.

  • Lakota

    Comedy really takes people’s barriers down. Its easier to listen to the explosions of a character than the facts of a scientist sometimes. I guess when times are as crappy as they are, is all you can do is laugh at how ridiculous the story the government gave us is.