‘Fountain of Youth’ Human Enzyme Lengthens Lives of Mice

MouseVia New Scientist:

A contender for the elusive fountain of youth: an enzyme found in humans appears to lengthen the life of mice. Researchers hoping to slow the march of age were dealt a blow in 2010, when signs that an enzyme called sirtuin 2 extended the life of worms were shown to be false due to flawed experimental design.

Mammals have seven types of sirtuin, so Haim Cohen and Yariv Kanfi at Bar-Ilan University in Ramat Gan, Israel, turned to sirtuin 6 instead. They compared mice genetically engineered to have increased levels of SIRT6 with normal mice, engineering the mice in two different ways to control for genetic influences.

Male mice from both strains lived 15 per cent longer than normal mice or females. Older modified male mice metabolised sugar faster than normal mice and females, suggesting that SIRT6 might extend life by protecting against metabolic disorders such as diabetes …

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  • eyeoftheaxis

    Want to live forever? Need an organ transplant? Perhaps prisoner 827619 H004 A58 would be willing to donate one in exchange for a shortened prison sentence.

    • Redacted

      Or a merciful death.

    • Monkey See Monkey Do

      Or some poor people from the third world, their still volunteering so they can get enough to eat. The pharmaceutical companies worked this out when they were looking for people to experiment on.

  • Marklar_Prime

    Here comes the forever part of the boot stomping on the face of humanity.

  • Alarico

    Diabetes-free rats equals fountain of youth: pretty fucking serious journalism here. I guess we can start defrosting Mickey.

  • D.D.B.

    This is great news.
    Soon the world population will climb to 10, 15 even 30 Billion!
    Just don’t tell the planet.


  • Okarin

    messing with genetics, didn’t people learn from raccoon city?

  • JoiquimCouteau

    SIRT6 injections for our children! If you object it’s cause you hate science.

  • RobinHoode

    It’s maddening to see commentors spin dystopia themes on life extension, when the whole point of it is to make people healthy.