Homeland Security Manual Lists Government Key Words For Monitoring Social Media

Andrea Stone writes in the Huffington Post:

Ever complain on Facebook that you were feeling “sick?” Told your friends to “watch” a certain TV show? Left a comment on a media website about government “pork?”

If you did any of those things, or tweeted about your recent vacation in “Mexico” or a shopping trip to “Target,” the Department of Homeland Security may have noticed.

In the latest revelation of how the federal government is monitoring social media and online news outlets, the Electronic Privacy Information Center has posted online a 2011 Department of Homeland Security manual that includes hundreds of key words (such as those above) and search terms used to detect possible terrorism, unfolding natural disasters and public health threats. The center, a privacy watchdog group, filed a Freedom of Information Act request and then sued to obtain the release of the documents.

The 39-page “Analyst’s Desktop Binder” used by the department’s National Operations Center includes no-brainer words like “”attack,” “epidemic” and “Al Qaeda” (with various spellings). But the list also includes words that can be interpreted as either menacing or innocent depending on the context, such as “exercise,” “drill,” “wave,” “initiative,” “relief” and “organization.”

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  1.  Its the Patriot Act at work. Our government has set up these centers all over the country in conjunction with phone & internet companies to weed out decent.

  2. Hadrian999 | Feb 25, 2012 at 2:57 pm |

    time to use as many of those as possible in totally meaningless e-mails

    • Anarchy Pony | Feb 25, 2012 at 3:20 pm |

      Like, dirty bomb, yellow cake, revolution, anthrax, suicide commando, proletariat, manifesto?

    •  HA! nice idea.

    • I’ve given thought to a “Flood Our Watchers With Trigger Words” experiment, in which millions of participants post “trigger words” on social media sites, in email, bloggers’ comments sections, etc.

      For instance, every ten days or so, make it a point to use “suspicious words” but in an innocent way: “I was at Target and saw a yellow cake mix. I wanted to try it but last time I nuked my stomach by eating that stuff it was as if a dirty bomb had exploded in there…like Pillsbury declared a god damned jihad on my intestinal tract. Like they want to assassinate their customers, or something!”

      “Oh, BTW—didn’t you tell me you were flying to Karachi in a couple of weeks?”

      You want trigger words? We’ll give you trigger words!

      Problem is getting enough people to do this with any regularity.

    • DeepCough | Feb 25, 2012 at 9:19 pm |

       Don’t forget to say “da bomb.”

  3. 911 is a searched key word so they can then use sock-puppet personas to reply negatively to any post that implies 911 was an inside job. The cover-up continues and the sheeple cower.

  4. Anomaly_of_Anomie | Feb 26, 2012 at 12:06 am |

    I would like to believe the monitor’s intent is to protect American citizens. I would like to believe that. 

    • Anarchy Pony | Feb 26, 2012 at 12:47 am |

      No, not the people. The nation. The “leviathan”. The artificial construct.

  5. PlantsNeedLovingToo | Feb 26, 2012 at 5:46 am |


  6. Excellent so now the real terrorists know what not to say….hahaha!  Wow!

  7. humbleElitist | Feb 26, 2012 at 11:19 pm |

    I dont see how this is threatening.
    ___I___ could run these automated search things.
    Its not surprising that the government is keeping a database, 
    its not that hard for them to do.
    its not that hard for anyone to do.
    just set up a webhost, add a chron job to every few hours or so search various social networks for those things, and record it in a database.
    NOT that big a deal.

    In fact, I should probably set up a few things like that.
    Might be useful.

    If people want to post information in a way that others can easily find and collect, let them.
    Its not invasion of privacy if they tell you.

  8. any “terrorist” NOT using stealth tools like:
    128 bit encryption, TOR, an obscure languages like Pashto or Arabic and codes
    is not really a terrorist

    any “terrorist” using tools like:
    plain English, Gmail et al, traceable cellphones and a Muslim/Arabic name
    is not really a terrorist

    Big Homelander is watching
    and I don’t give a flying fuck

    • Hadrian999 | Feb 27, 2012 at 2:07 am |

      they might just be really stupid terrorists, I could totally see, “turner diaries” types being that unsophisticated.

      • true, could be
        but it seems unlikely that real terrorists would Gmail their plans in English
        especially when it’s not their native tongue
        plus with over 10 years of Hoimelander snooping
        the only plots they have uncovered are those fostered by the FBI

        • Hadrian999 | Feb 27, 2012 at 3:15 am |

           I’ve wondered how you get the gig selling out dupes to the fbi for a nice terrorist frame, I would have no problem selling neo nazi hillbillies up the river

  9. This comment has be brought to you by the letters,DHS, ICE, ATF, CIS, FEMA, USCG, CIA, FAMS, CBP, TSA, DEA, USSS, SBI, FAA, NOC, FBI, UN, CDC, FDA and the words
    Assassination, Attack, Domestic security, Drill, Exercise, Cops, Law enforcement, Authorities, Disaster assistance, Disaster management, National preparedness, Mitigation, Prevention, Response, Recovery, Dirty bomb, Domestic nuclear detection, Emergency management, Emergency response, First responder, Homeland security, National preparedness,
    initiative, Militia, Shooting, Shots fired, Evacuation, Deaths, Hostage, Explosion (explosive), Police, Disaster medical assistance, team, Organized crime, Gangs, National security, State of emergency,
    Security, Breach, Threat, Standoff, SWAT, Screening, Lockdown, Bomb (squad or threat), Crash, Looting, Riot, Emergency Landing, Pipe bomb, Incident, Facility,Hazmat, Nuclear, Chemical spill, Suspicious package/device, Toxic, National laboratory, Nuclear facility, Nuclear threat, Cloud, Plume,
    Radiation, Radioactive, Leak, Biological infection (or, event), Chemical, Chemical burn, Biological, Epidemic, Hazardous, Hazardous material incident, Industrial spill, Infection, Powder (white), Gas,
    Spillover, Anthrax, Blister agent, Chemical agent, Exposure, Burn, Nerve agent, Ricin, Sarin, North Korea,Outbreak, Contamination, Exposure, Virus, Evacuation, Bacteria, Recall, Ebola, Food Poisoning, Foot and Mouth, H5N1, Avian, Flu, Salmonella, Small Pox, Plague, Human to human, Human to Animal, Influenza, Public Health, Toxic, Agro Terror, Tuberculosis, Agriculture, Listeria,
    Symptoms, Mutation, Resistant, Antiviral, Wave, Pandemic, Infection, Water/air borne, Sick, Swine, Pork.
    Now let’s see how many alarms that rings, not to forget DDOS and Anonymous of course (cain and abel, WTF?).

  10. TripleSix | Feb 27, 2012 at 6:18 pm |

    Like the Ice-T song…Freedom of Speech-Just Watch What You Say.  Sh*t…hope the DHS isn’t reading this..

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