How Feminism Hates Women?

Caveat: My posting of this article is not meant to imply my agreement with it. Via Owning Your Shit:

Okay, so let’s pretend we’re talking about me, and what we’re talking about is me crashing my car into another vehicle, killing the driver. The act of crashing my car into his and killing him is the actus reus, and let’s say that this fact is not in dispute. Once it has been established that I did indeed crash my car into another and kill the driver, an investigation will be done (I would hope!), and the attendant circumstances examined, and it will only then be determined whether I have committed a crime.

Let’s say I undergo a breath test and am found to be legally impaired. In this case, I will be found to have the mens rea of recklessness—I engaged in conduct a law-abiding person would have refrained from, and that conduct resulted in a foreseeable death. I may be charged with a variety of crimes, based on my degree of inebriation and other circumstances—drunk driving causing death, vehicular manslaughter, reckless indifference homicide, etc.

Let’s say I live in a jurisdiction where it’s still legal to use a cell phone while driving, and I was on the phone when I crashed into him. If it can be determined I was paying more attention to my phone than the road, I will be found to have the mens rea of negligence—that is, a reasonable person would have been able to foresee the danger of my behavior and the harm it might cause. I will probably be charged with manslaughter.

Let’s say I drove through an intersection where a stop sign had been stolen or knocked over by vandals. If there was a wrongdoer in this case, it was certainly not me, and I have committed no crime …

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  1. I like it. Its almost a reductio ad absurdum of the definition of rape as any form of non-consensual sex.

  2. Interesting article and a subject that I’ve discussed on several occasions, along with the gender-inequalities attendant to child-bearing/parental rights.

    While I find that Feminism was a necessary step in the creation of a society based on universally applicable legal rights and responsibilities, I’m looking forward to the ultimate implementation, which will necessarily be Post-Feminist and instead interest itself in “justice” without any reference to gender.

    •  Unfortunately not possible as long as the movement refers to itself as “FEMinism”

  3. Frankly, I’m amazed that a Woman wrote this, and that her Feminist brethren haven’t declared her a witch and burned her at the stake. Then claimed they were PMS’ing during their campaign of terror, and as women cannot be held accountable.

    • Blacksteelfire | Feb 22, 2012 at 12:15 am |

      you should see the facebook discussion, or don’t , probably better off that way.

      • Eric_D_Read | Feb 22, 2012 at 10:09 am |

        Holy shit, you weren’t kidding! Hard to believe that much crazy and self-righteousness can fit into one person.

    •  My thoughts exactly, everyone with a blog and a vagina is a writer on feminist theory these days.

  4. Thank you to her for writing this.

    If you have a hole, you are a child and innocent, If you have a penis you are guilty.

    I must say that even if I wanted to get an erection or not, if she’s sucking on it, I can’t help it if it complies.  Even blacked out it will perform.   Guilty.  Hangs head in shame……… 🙂

    • Tuna Ghost | Feb 24, 2012 at 2:03 am |

      Yeah, the fact that you refer to one set of genitals as “a hole” to you while the other gets its proper name sort of weakens whatever your point is.

  5. Curch of Zed | Feb 22, 2012 at 4:44 am |

    If a woman is drunk, I raped her?   YIKES

    •  Yes, if you took advantage of a drunk woman then you assaulted her. Not surprising that you’d need some clarification as you are unintelligent enough to refer to a woman’s genitals as a “hole” but avoided degrading men by using proper terminology. Men like you make me sick.

    • Tuna Ghost | Feb 24, 2012 at 2:11 am |

      Yes, if you do it without express consent.  And yes, it is an uncomfortable thought, but it is nevertheless a reality.  And yes, it means you’re going to have to give up some of your privilege.  

  6. ZED church of | Feb 22, 2012 at 4:45 am |

    I feel so used……….

  7. Misterfurious1 | Feb 22, 2012 at 12:22 pm |

    Great article. I’ve had this conversation with my wife (who, most of the time, is highly rational and intelligent when it comes to such issues) on many occasions, but she continues to hold the view that the man who has sex with a drunk girl who later regrets the decision is culpable. 

    I would actually leave out the argument/thought experiment about both sides being drunk and if we hold one to being guilty of rape we have to hold both sides being guilty of rape (over-simplification for brevity’s sake). I don’t think it’s a strong argument and it doesn’t hold sway. One’s intent was still different from the others. 

    •  I’m curious as to why you think the argument doesn’t hold sway?

      • Misterfurious1 | Feb 22, 2012 at 1:52 pm |

        Because the circumstances are too specific and are not all that common. We know most of the time that men are feeding women booze to “grease the sexual wheels” or whatever. But women have all kinds of reasons for getting smashed. Sometimes it’s to lower their inhibitions and flirt, or sometimes it’s to “hook up” although not necessarily sexually, some women just like to drink, some women like the socialization that comes with the setting, others are doing is because they feel like that’s what they’re supposed to be doing, etc. 

        The point is men are specifically trying to get laid, the women not necessarily. The “mens rea” is not present for the argument of the woman having raped the guy.

        •  I would argue that, in most cases, men are NOT feeding women booze to “grease the sexual wheels”.  I think this is another case of stereotyping that paints guys as sexual fiends who will go to any end to gratify themselves.  Saying that men only drink to get laid is an immature/teenager view on the reasons why people socialize and get drunk to begin with.

          • Misterfurious1 | Feb 22, 2012 at 4:48 pm |

            I don’t know about you Kozz, but when I was in college, I’d say at least (very conservative estimate) half of the guys were always trying to get some girl drunk so that they would have sex with them. This was not a rare thing. This was, in fact, a very common act. I hate to break the news to you, but there are a lot of deviant little fuckers out there. And you can call me immature or a teenager all you want, because instead of generating, you know, an actual argument, you had to get all ad-hominem on me… and not even in a good way. 

            As one gets older, sure, these things happen less and less. Guys go out with the guys just to hang out and have a good time and/or because they’re alcoholics. But between the ages of like 16-21, guys are just trying to fuck whatever vagina is willing at the moment, and alcohol does wonders for that quest. 

          • I never used an ad hominem attack…I simply pointed out the truth.  The outlook of men getting drunk just to get into womens pants is just that: a stereotype based on the acts of the (not majority) of young people who get drunk.  Can you tell me with 100% honesty that most men you knew got drunk only to do this?  I think you would be lying to yourself if you said yes…there are undoubtedly some that do this, but I do not believe it is the majority.  Men are not as deviant as society would like to have us believe.  Just think back in high school of how many guys would show off about how many women they’ve been with, random things they’ve done with some girls…how much of that do you think is actually true?  Most of it is a feeble attempt at being a tough guy/macho, typically barely grounded in actual truth.

            Women get drunk for the same reasons as men: to have a good time.  Some people include sex as one of the many factors in having a good time, but you would be lying to yourself if you think that only, or even mostly, men do it.  The one thing I will admit is this: men are more likely to be OPEN about their intentions, because it’s socially acceptable, and even expected, of us to do so.  Women who want sex are whores in the eyes of our society, so why in the fuck would they ever admit to wanting to get their brains fucked out of them in the prelude of going out drinking?

          • Misterfurious1 | Feb 23, 2012 at 4:40 pm |


            You’re like the male equivalent of a feminist. Your heart’s in the right place, but you come off as a creepy extremist. What I’m saying may or may not be a stereotype… but it’s definitely true. Science agrees with me–men are much more, on average (again, not ALL MEN or whatever), lascivious than females, particularly at certain ages. To deny this is fucking absurd….

          • Tuna Ghost | Feb 24, 2012 at 2:09 am |

            The outlook of men getting drunk just to get into womens pants is just that: a stereotype based on the acts of the (not majority) of young people who get drunk.

            Do you mean “getting drunk in an attempt to get a woman drunk in order to get in their pants”?  Because what you actually wrote most certainly is not a stereotype.  It is nonsensical.

            If the former is the case, then you are also wrong, especially in the 18-25 age group.  

          • Eric_D_Read | Feb 22, 2012 at 11:00 pm |

            “But between the ages of like 16-21, guys are just trying to fuck whatever vagina is willing at the moment, and alcohol does wonders for that quest.”

            Key word in your comment:WILLING.

            Willing = consent.

          • Misterfurious1 | Feb 23, 2012 at 4:38 pm |

            Yeah, I agree with you. I’m on the side of the person who wrote the blog post here. I just pointed out that one of the arguments makes the whole argument weaker instead of stronger due to a false equivocation. 

            It’s important to read threads from the beginning….

          • Eric_D_Read | Feb 23, 2012 at 6:22 pm |

            I read the thread; and I know you said you generally agreed with the author. 

            I’m just disagreeing that the argument of two drunk people having sex is a false equivocation since it rests on the bias of “knowing” what the male’s intention vs the female’s intention is based on perception bias that paints males as the manipulator and females as the manipulated.

        •  Also, you would be quite surprised at how many cases there are of men being raped by women…you just don’t hear about them because of the social backlash that comes at the very notion of this happening.

          • Misterfurious1 | Feb 22, 2012 at 4:50 pm |

            No, Kozz, it doesn’t surprise me because I’m not a fucking moron. I’ve actually known a couple of instances where a guy was raped by a woman. The social backlash was, in retrospect, pretty horrid. We all just made fun of the guys and insisted they meant to have sex with whoever raped them. 

            The point is, this is much, much, much rarer than men raping women, or men sleeping with a drunk chick. I don’t even know what this comment has to do with the discussion.

  8. Ripping on feminists is actually a good way to pick up chicks. True story

    • Eric_D_Read | Feb 23, 2012 at 6:07 pm |

      Only in certain circles. Fortunately, a lot of Republican girls are easy.

  9. Actually this type of thing has always made me uncomfortable. That’s why I am not much of a hook up artist. A woman has to really show she likes me and kind of make the first second and third move in order for me to have sex with her. Then I end up with crazy domineering bitches…..oh well at least I’m not in jail.

  10. But what if I’m tired after a long day and my girlfriend gets ME drunk? How does that work? I don’t really “feel” like it, but she does (because she had the day off), and after convincing me to have a few drinks she’s riding me like the Lone Ranger? Does that count?  What if she requests I wear a clown suit?  What if I ask her to put on a bandanna and a tank-top, and to quote Private Vasquez from “Aliens”? And what point does it become “rape”? Should we continually ask each other for consent? At what point am I trying to impress the long-lost memory of my lesbian Gender Studies professor? Am I really that attracted to her?  Is my girlfriend?  Hmmmm.

    Or are we just two consenting adults grateful to have found somebody willing to let us play with their naughty bits?  

  11. The article reminds me of a blog post I made a while back,, except that isn’t meant to be taken seriously unlike this one. The person who wrote this article should have spent more time studying the law because she gets a lot wrong. There is one good point made, but because everything else is so laughable, I doubt many people will be able to take anything written seriously and will instead see this as another attempt to blame the victim instead of the rapist.

    I see some arguing about stereotypes of men here with using alcohol to get sex. While it’s true that some women do the same thing, the instances of it occurring are much higher among men, as well as any other type of rape. According to one study, 40% of the men said it was acceptable to force sex on a drunk date. It reminds of a quote I read from one man describing how he had sex with an unconscious woman. He didn’t describe it as rape, but instead as merely not being politically correct. It astounds me that so many men and women don’t realize that is rape and/or think it’s perfectly acceptable to do. This article does little to help educate people on the subject, and may continue the perception among many people that it’s ok to rape.

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