• Rooti

    Fox is cancelling Freedom Watch, hosted by Judge Napolitano. I never watch Fox but I have seen many memorable clips from the Judge. The liberals will hate him for being libertarian, I don’t care what he is for he tells the truth. Rumsfeld is a lying skunk of a Neocon, and little else. Nothing good came out of the Iraq War and the criminals who promoted it have yet to be prosecuted. 

    • Alis

       Most of my liberal friends love him, as do I. I don’t know what you’re on, sir.

  • Mamagriff50

    C’mon now…He probably has senile dimensia. Or he’s just a liar trying to protect the Bush presidencys. Either way the Iraq war was based on lies.

  • Tyler Durden

    Man, this should be seen by everyone. Evil on trial. Thanks poster.

  • Anarchy Pony

    As if it’s a secret that Rummy is a liar and scumbag.

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