Left-Handed? You May Be Truly Different …

Via ScienceDaily:

We like to think of ourselves as rational creatures, absorbing information, weighing it carefully, and making thoughtful decisions. But, as it turns out, we’re kidding ourselves. Over the past few decades, scientists have shown there are many different internal and external factors influencing how we think, feel, communicate, and make decisions at any given moment.

One particularly powerful influence may be our own bodies, according to new research reviewed in the December issue of Current Directions in Psychological Science, a journal of the Association for Psychological Science.

Cognitive scientist Daniel Casasanto, of The New School for Social Research, has shown that quirks of our bodies affect our thinking in predictable ways, across many different areas of life, from language to mental imagery to emotion …

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8 Comments on "Left-Handed? You May Be Truly Different …"

  1. I’m left nutted.  thank you for wasting 14 seconds of my life to tell me absolutely NOTHING.  

  2. This article is mind blowing. When I red the title I didn’t expect that clicking on it would affect me in so many levels. If this study’s results are true, democracy is clearly right-handed, and therefore republican. Granted, those on the 90% whose handy hand is handicapped, may vote democrats: but the same is true for the injured leftys. This could be the end of bipartidism as we know it.
     Also – but this is my speculation – this study could validate the discredited science of phrenology, wich with the current state of technology, could give the panoptic the power to read minds and predict behavior in a massive scale, allowing the formation of a preventive police.

  3. I always wonder about teeth. My bite changed after having orthodontist work done, and I felt less like I used to. My closed bite wasn’t as strong. I think people with different bite patterns must feel differently over all, and also think differently. Perhaps to do with how safe or vulnerable you feel in your own body, you sway more towards either fear / trust based ideas and actions.

    • Your “bite pattern” probably affects the way you percive your potential for agression.

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