Let Your Life Be a Friction to Stop the Machine

  • Calypso_1

    Fucking commie propaganda.

    • RoboKy


      • Calypso_1

        Surety is for suckers and comes in many fine flavors.

  • Mr Willow

    Go to the comments section of the video, and you will see arguments for the further deregulation of markets, arguments that capitalism is somehow different from our current system—the parroted ‘we don’t have a free-market’ talking points—arguments, even, arguing against democracy, describing it as ‘rule of the mob’. 

    It is those sentiments that keep this machine from ever being halted. It is they voicing such sentiments that will ultimately condemn themselves—and by extension, the rest of us—to slavery by the people who profit on the pillaging of resources, the destruction of the planet, and the death and misery of everyöne not possessing the morals of a black hole or privileged with the silver spoon of a family fortune fused to their tongue. 

    And I don’t see those views changing any time soon. . . *sad sigh*

    • http://twitter.com/jasonpaulhayes jasonpaulhayes

      Jesus said “It is easier for a Camel to pass through the eye of a needle than it is for a rich man to get into heaven” which is more radically anti-capitalist than anything Marx ever said.

      The only way anything taking place in American conservatism makes any sense is in a biblical context. You have to understand that the book tells them they are building things up just to break them down. They will serve a system of death, to death, in which their needs come last because the book says so and it’s all that matters in the end. The only thing that it leaves a follower is a promise of a release from bondage upon death.

      The only truth they must see is that the Sheppard’s wool has been pulled over their eyes to hide the only truth that’s ever mattered … the “Evil” they have been sent out to scour the earth in search of, has only ever held roots in their own hearts and minds.

      “The struggle to free myself from restraints becomes my very shackles” Jens Kidman

  • Nesbitt

    “And yet, even with the American myth exposed for the tissue of lies, deceptions and frauds that it has always been, it still keeps its phenomenal hold on the great mass of American people.”

    Then the great mass of American people deserve everything they get, good and hard.

  • Pb


    what happens when fleshy water bag human lets their life be a friction which tries to stop a machine.

    • DeepCough

       Damn, that was a major, uh, “burn.”

  • Phantom

    This video is a call to protest by Sheer Numbers.  And to stand your ground in what you believe in.  It is displayed in fashion to inform you and to also shock you to the realities of corporate greed.

    It gives a plan of action and hopes to inspire a few to lead the masses.   It also shows the strife that all will endure who dare takes this endeavor…..

    This could work with enough protesters,  after all, there is not enough space in FEMA detention camps to lock up the entire nation.

  • Monkey See Monkey Do

    He keeps referring to predatory capitalism, shouldn’t it just be called capitalism?

    • Jin The Ninja

      yes, but many on the center and most on the right (many right-libertarians) make that distinction-

      on the right/far right, in their view, only a completely liberalised (free) market is “capitalism.”

      on the center, capitalism is viewed as neutrally amoral- and thus relatively benign as long as it’s properly regulated i.e. glass steagall.

  • Ted

    How about “speed bump” as in “let your life be a speed bump to stop the machine”? Sounds more empowering IMO.

  • Lakota

    The government doesn’t represent the people here. There are good people in America. They’ve just bought into the brainwashing. Being that the US economy is sucked up into war, there is a war on for your mind , for your opinion, your self worth and consciousness from all angles. Food. Education,. Entertainment. Politics. An all angle assault. People are so dependent on it. Its really difficult to be truly self sustaining. Even Organizing people is incredibly taxing. Its not that there is no hope. Its that the path is incredibly narrow.. and encircled by drones….