Rachel Maddow: Blank Votes Demonstrate Election Fraud In Maine Caucus

Via the Chicago Tribune:

Mitt Romney has already had a caucus victory in Iowa undone. Could his win in Maine be next?

On Saturday, the Maine Republican Party released the results of a presidential preference straw poll that had been conducted over several weeks at municipal caucuses. The party declared Romney the winner by 194 votes over Ron Paul.

The result was immediately called into question by supporters of the Texas congressman, and for good reason — not all the votes were counted. The tally was made public even though most towns in Washington County had yet to caucus — their meetings were postponed because of snow — and will instead be held this weekend.

Furthermore, the results published by the Maine GOP had no votes recorded from another 200 cities and towns. Some of the smaller locales were not scheduled to hold caucuses, though many others did.

Pressure has been building on the state GOP leadership to recount the votes. Chairman Charles Webster had told the Portland Press Herald on Wednesday that he did not want to do so until the state committee met next month.

That stance may be changing. Politico reported Thursday that Maine Republican Party leaders have contacted local party officials to ask them to “reconfirm” the vote totals. A spokesman for the party could not be reached Thursday, but a statement on the caucuses will be released Friday.

Though it criticized how the state party conducted the vote, Paul’s campaign has said it would not seek a recount on its own. Spokesman Jesse Benton told USA Today the campaign wasn’t interested in having the party review the “meaningless, partial” vote…

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  • Apathesis

    That Charles Webster guy is a fucking idiot.  He was on Howie Carr’s show on WRKO 680 this week and he was saying how there were so few people in the 18 towns that their votes basically didn’t matter.  I paraphrased of course.

    • Apathesis

       Sorry, not 18 towns. Confused that number with the rescheduled date due to snow fears.  98 precincts were not counted by Feb 11, which is 16% of the vote.  177 towns not counted by Feb 14.

  • Rooti

    There is only one candidate that will end the wars and militarism put forth by the Neocons and that is Ron Paul. He is the only one that has a realistic economic plan and a big part of it will mean the dissolution of the Federal Reserve. For those reasons he must be stopped. 

    • Butter Knife

       I’m sorry… did you you just suggest that a “realistic plan” includes dissolving the Federal reserve as the first step? I just want to be sure on the terminology here, because it sounds an awful lot like you may be totally guano insane.

      Let me put it this way: Newt Gingrich stands a better chance of actually getting his moon colony built and operational under budget and ahead of schedule than *anyone* has of dissolving the Federal Reserve, let alone that person being Ron “A3P” Paul.

      • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_S5Z5VYFK5Q3TDQLF4NOLE3I4BU Dinger

        It is a process Butter Knife. Nothing is immediate. His plans are to fully audit the Federal Reserve and through steps, weaken and hopefully eliminate it in time. It’s not as you are saying.

      • Marklar_Prime

        You might as well just say “I approve my slavery”.

      • TruthersSoSmart

        Do you have ANY idea what the Federal Reserve represents?  It basically creates two classes of people: those who reward themselves with all the money they need, and the rest of us.  Getting rid of the heart of corruption would be the best possible move America could do.

    • Redacted

      There is only one candidate who attracts hilarious fuckwits like you, and that is Ronnie “The Racist” Paul.

      • Jin The Ninja

        careful Tibus-they may not have lightsabers, but they have plenty o’ venom.

      • Artor

        The other candidates have different kinds of fuckwits to support them.

      • Hot Rat

        Replying with hatred and anger doesn’t exactly
        make me cotton to to your point of view.

        • Redacted

          Confirming he’s trying to argue with a troll.

          Read this at your own leisure

          • http://www.facebook.com/people/Timbo-Covington/1396410180 Timbo Covington

            Try finding a website with some actual facts instead of just angry peoples rants. Paul  is the best candidate we’ve got in this race and if you don’t see that you’re blind.

          • Redacted

            This is too easy.

  • Apathesis

    Also, there were 17 towns in Waldo County who had submitted their votes on time and they weren’t included in the final preference tally!  Too many numbers to remember, I got confused! But this shit reeks of election rigging.

    • Camron Wiltshire

      Curious when Dr. Paul will call these obvious frauds out.  Happy he is winning the delegate battle but I have heard that potential delegates are being warned they must vote for the candidate that the GOP chooses regardless if they are a dominant majority or not or face jail time.  I need to study the entire delegate issue much more as I really don’t understand the strategy yet.  Thanks for posting.

  • GoodDoktorBad

    What a goddamn joke. The republican party can’t even treat its own party members with respect.
    Last time I checked Ron Paul was a republican, right?
    So, If the repuglican party is cabal of sychophants and liars, what does that say for Ron Paul who wears their banner?
    Just because we like the things that Ol’ Ron has to say, doesn’t mean he can accomplish any of those things. Who’s to say that he’s not full of shit in the first place, like our “change” president.
    Repuglicans, Demoncrats and all the rest…go fuck yourselves………

    • Camron Wiltshire

      Composition Fallacy.  The fallacy of Composition is committed when a conclusion is drawn about a whole based on the features of its constituents when, in fact, no justification provided for the inference. There are actually two types of this fallacy, both of which are known by the same name (because of the high degree of similarity).
      The first type of fallacy of Composition arises when a person reasons from the characteristics of individual members of a class or group to a conclusion regarding the characteristics of the entire class or group (taken as a whole). More formally, the “reasoning” would look something like this.
      Individual F things have characteristics A, B, C, etc.Therefore, the (whole) class of F things has characteristics A, B, C, etc.

      • GoodDoktorBad

        Congrats! What a fantastic display of pedantic drivel…..
        Fantastically irrelevent in its factual relevency. Did my diatribe earn a D minus proffesor?
        I am diminished in your shadow Cameron.

        • Elmyr23

          the shadow of “ctrl+c, ctrl+v”

      • Liquidself

         Is there a fallacy that involves pointing out logical fallacies while failing to the address the actual point?

  • Redacted

    I’m starting to think maybe we should just support Ron Paul even if he is an old racist coot, although I shudder to be lumped in with his imbecile followers.

    • DITM

      “racist” [citation needed] see:

      • Redacted

        I’ll citation your face

        • dan

          Tibus you are rude and obviously lacking in brancells.

  • Adaugo

    Thank you for posting this article. Dr Paul is target by the majority of the media which controls the information most Americans are paying attention to for ridicul and attack. If any other candidate was so hated and feared by the media elite, they’d look like serial killers with all the skeoetons in their closet.

    Paul stands for limited government and votes the way he says he’s going to. The establishment knows he can’t be bought which is why they are trying to undermine him as much as possible. Really its the VP that you’ll want to watch if Paul wins because he be assassinated while being wworn in, probably before that.

    Please give our country a chance and vote for him. I voted Obama because given the choice of Palin and the insane McCain its was the better choice but look at what a disaster its been. Its fair to say Bush ceatd a lot of the problems that exist today, but Obama was more secret wars, prosecuted more people for treason than all other presidents combined, and totally sold a false bill of goods. He had no record to refer to when he was running to know who he’d really be but it was still a better choice than the alternative.


    • Liquidself

       Pardon me, but Mr. Paul votes only when he shows up.  4 letters:  NDAA.  no former libertarian in his right mind would let that go;  he d bust his butt to show up for that vote.  So Mr. Paul has shown that he is only all talk.

      • Zycerin

        NDAA also known as the SENATE bill 1867, that was passed by the SENATE not the Congress.
        What do you expect the CONGRESSMAN Ron Paul to do about that exactly?

        Rand Paul who is a Senator was one of the 7 that opposed the bill however. 

  • Sjsmilford

    what is the matter with the republican party?  Voter fraud is rampant in this party!  Republicans are totally out of control.  They are SCARY!!  Their platform is SCARY!!  If women stay with the republican party, they are going back to the days where the men want to keep women barefoot and pregnant!!!!! The republican party will probably even come up with a reason for women no longer to be given the right to vote!!!!!!!  Certainly that 5 panel of men the other day was one of the beginning steps.  No woman was included in that panel.   These republicans are bullies.  I hope our children are not watching the republican primary.   

  • Marklar_Prime

    Nobody likes a caucus blocker.

  • JaceD

    So… America… It’s probably about time you did something to rein your government in huh? Theres a very good reason why the world laughs when the marketing slogan “America, land of the free, home of the brave” is used.

  • Redacted

    You know what I love about this story?

    Look at all these neckbeards straining themselves trying to use big words they just learned. Take “Camron Wiltshire” for instance. Look at him shitting his pants while he tries to argue with the cat man.

    • Lmnop_nis

      Yeah? Yet the only counter argument you can produce is some third grader drivel like, “I’ll citation your face.” Dumbass troll is a dumbass. #nuffsaid.

      • Redacted

        I love that I’m the stupid one here. Look at Ron Paul, how obviously insane he is. Look at yourself, who blindly follows such an obvious racist.

        Now look at me.

        Now look at Ron Paul.

        Now look at me.

        Don’t you wish your man smelled like me? Instead of some easily trolled retard on the internet (Lmnop_nis) who probably finds shitting his pants intellectually exhausting, I make fun of idiots like you.

        Next time you decide to speak to me, try asking mommy about some big words that might scare me!

        • john

           Government disinformation troll

    • Camron Wiltshire

      I guess you are referring to “GoodDoktorBad” up above,  who never addressed my questions.  I guess that equates with “shitting my pants” in your world… Nice to know so many intelligent folks are drawn into these conversations…  

  • BeigeAsshole

    Your country is corrupt.