Meet The Jongettes: North Korea’s First Girl Band

Can they compete with our own Supremes? No word on where to download their hit song ‘We Will Defend General Kim Jong Un at the Risk of Our Lives’. The Daily Mail reports on the debut of North Korea’s first girl pop act, who sang, played, and engaged in synchronized swimming:

Meet North Korea’s first girl band. Decked out in military uniform and close to tears, [they] played live in capital Pyongyang to celebrate the 70th birthday of Kim Jong il, who died two months ago.


  • BrianApocalypse


  • damg

     (Supreme) Leader of the Pack

  • damg

     actually, this is a good excuse to build relations between the west and N Korea. We could send them Phil Spector as a gift! He could build them the (Iron) wall of sound….and maybe shoot some women in the face, y’know, the usual.

  • Jim

    I’d like to bang the one on the far right of the photo.

  • Okarin

    nationalism is so passe, it’s hip culture that gets people movin’

  • Redacted

    This is legitimately terrifying.

    • Jin The Ninja

      i agree, it’s the n. korean version of t-ara…(?_?)

      • Redacted

        How could we possibly kill these abominations? I know I scoffed at the idea of a female ninja army, but this is just frightening! They could weaponise their Korean pop sounds! They could brainwash whoever hears them into being COMMUNIST!

        • Jin The Ninja

          or illuminati! with their short skirts, nose jobs and ‘aegyo’ i can seem them casting a dark enchantment over us all!

  • I_abide

    sadly this probably beats most popular music in terms of quality.

  • damg

    “Is she really going out with Kim?”

  • Hadrian999

    i prefer regular K-Pop

    • Hadrian999

       great now I can’t get bubble-pop out of my head

  • Anarchy Pony

    Now I am almost sure that I have been sucked into an alternate universe. In a logical and rational universe, such a thing could not exist, leading me to believe that I no longer inhabit my home universe. But since logic is now under suspicion, how can I trust my own assessment? This must be what going mad feels like.