Meet The Teenage Exorcist Sisters

Meet The Teenage Exorcist Sisters

Reverend Bob Larson claims to have exorcised more than 15,000 demons around the world in his career. Watch Anderson Cooper talk to his daughters, who have taken up their father’s trade.

17-year-old Tess first performed an exorcism a friend who was possessed. She says that one of the tell-tale signs is eyes that dilate: ‘You can see evil.’ Brynne’s first exorcism was at age 13: ‘I got up on stage in front of 3,000 people and cast a demon out in Africa.’ This and all the other tips teens need to know about demonology:

  • Gergith

    I often wonder the validity of this kind of thing. Are they just practicing a REALLY weird form of mental health. Like the placebo of the religious mind. But it often makes me wonder. This and Alester Crowley.

    • DeepCough

       Yep, that about sums it up. And Crowley, goddamn, did he have issues.

      • rileyrifle

         Understatement of the year…

  • UselessJunk

    I’m possessed.  The only thing that will get this demon out is three naked sisters rubbing their oily bodies against mine

  • Rex Vestri

    I have a demon serpent those three can work on!  However, they should be forewarned that it may spout forth its pearly evil upon their faces, so bring a damp rag.

  • BrianApocalypse

     Oh Christ. It’s like the Stepford Cuckoos… only evil.

  • saint_al

    When Xtians talk about Africa, they never specify which nation. 

    • Jin The Ninja

       because to them it’s all colony X.

  • DeepCough

    That’s a “Holy Trinity” I can really get behind. Giggity, giggity, goo!

  • Eric_D_Read

    Good ol’ Bob, still fleecing the rubes. Anton LaVey would be smiling at this.

    Glen Benton and Trey Azagthoth must chuckling to themselves somewhere. 

  • jasonpaulhayes

    They’ve had hours of training and its biblically based so the Catholic church is sending them to Africa to exercise demons? Seems logical to me.

  • Nerf Herder

    That interview didn’t seem scripted at all.

  • Tony, 35M

    It’s amazing how many exorcists turn out to be female, young, and pretty. Maybe that makes them easier to train, eh Bob?

  • Mux Blank

    I smell a reality show!!!

  • Ryan

    Yes, you heard it “hours every week” trained, vigilant, ready to spot the devil…and his hooks. way deep in you.
    Too bad this is the kind of re-assured garbage got a bunch of people murdered in colonial America. big sad face.

  • Vi0let_femme

    oh my god i have had inexplicable headaches… i need someone to look into my eyes to check for evil

  • lj

    i have a feeling that this is the lead in segment for an infomercial trying to sell me wrinkle-be-gone juice made from cantaloupes.

    • lj

      no scratch that, they’ll be doing Proactiv ads in 6 months. 

  • JaceD

    I wished I lived in the same reality as these girls.

    Fighting demons? Awesome!

  • Anon

    i’ve got a demon in my semen.

  • Eworldformation

    Ringling Brothers is on speed dial!  If that doesn’t work out there is always Playboy!!!!!!!!  Halloween issue!!!!!!!!!

  • Donovan Moore

    Do they offer discounts?  Newt and Santorum perhaps.  Thank U Jesus!

  • Jimmyz619

    brynne ” why dont you cast this demon out” lol hahahah, this is actually really funny to watch. is anyone else getting some giggles out of this. this ought to be Vatican’s next tourist attraction trailer.

  • Redacted

    Oooh! Christians in Africa! Lions haven’t ate so good in years!

  • rileyrifle

    They look like they should be Anchors on Fox.

  • Zenc

    I’m not a big fan of the Catholic Church or their way of looking at things, but I feel obligated to mention that they prefer to send dessicated old men to do the Exorcism thing and I suspect there may be some good reasons behind that notion. Whether you believe in the supernatural or not.

    Sending these juicy little snacks seems positively dangerous.

    • Jin The Ninja

      you raise a great point Zenc.  catholic (and orthodox) priests (and occasionally nuns) that perform exorcisms have a very wide base of theological knowledge- and they apprentice for 10 years or more under a veteran exorcist. generally people called to exorcism undergo a lifetime of crisis of faith- referred to a as ‘spiritual battle’

      the evangelical concept of demonology, of exorcism is completely foreign to the catholic/orthodox understanding. anything remotely amoral or ‘pagan’ is demonic.

      makes for a very narrow worldview. and how is one supposed to culminate spiritual power enough to drive away the legion when they cannot understand either the latin rite or it’s metaphysical implications (you cannot point blank interpret the bible solely on text as an exorcist). If you are limited to an already limited canon (and if anything the vatican has it’s books on everything occult) – i can’t really see it providing spiritual defense against intrusion.

      the fact is these girls percieve any indigenous practices as ‘demonic’ so everything from beninese vodou to islam to ethiopian orthodoxy is going to seem tainted to them.

      it’s colonialism pure and simple. just has a new, younger face.

  • Aj

    Who wants to bet that will be in Playboy very soon.

  • Guest

    “Mirabile dictu, don’t you agree? “

  • hashu

    “Mirabile dictu, don’t you agree?”

  • GoodDoktorBad

    Teenage Mutant Bimbo Exorcists!!!

  • gwen jackson

    more adults who believe in fairytales, wtf. I never thought I’d support censorship, but we really need to ban all references to the supernatural, everything from the bible to harrryfuckingpotter. Too many people are too easily confused. Remember the diagram!

  • Cedaffin

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    • NarwhalNecropsy

      Well I was trying to have a great day, then I read the bile spewing from your mouth.

  • Nunyabeesnutz

    I got some demon semen and a devil dick they could exercise