Mystery Metal Spaceball Shocks Brazilian Town (Video)

Via Russia Today:

An unidentified metal sphere has plunged from the sky on unsuspecting villagers in northern Brazil, causing an uproar. According to eyewitnesses, the UFO weighs about 50 kilograms and measures roughly one meter in diameter.

The sphere fell on Wednesday in a village of Riacho dos Poços in Brazilian Maranhão state. No casualties were reported apart from an unfortunate cashew tree that was severed by the object as it plunged to the ground, according to MR Notícias, a Mata Roma news site.

Valdir José Mendes, 46, told police the sphere landed several meters from his house leaving a one-meter-deep hole in the yard. “I heard the noise and I went out to see what caused it. I thought it was a plane that had fallen, or an earthquake,” he said.

Read More: Russia Today

  • eyeoftheaxis
  • Redacted

    Probably another Hydrazine tank.

  • Lakota

    Ooh. I’d not touch that with my HANDS. it looks like one of those old school Water Mines /) o__0. ‘splosions.

  • Phantom

    sell it on Ebay, I’m certain some one wants some space junk souvenir.

  • enolate anion

    total fraud.  there is no way you could roll a 50 kg sphere around with one hand as easily as the bystander did in seconds 19 – 28.  he stops the sphere from crushing his toes with the brush of one hand’s fingertips.  a 100 lb sphere would have a lot of momentum to keep it going and would require much more force to stop.  

  • Ray

    I wonder what would happen if a Coke bottle fell from the sky?

    • Vi0let_femme

      someone would probably be chosen to go on a long journey and end up having lots of adventures

    • Hadrian999

       i love that movie

  • Vi0let_femme

    could it be a part of a satellite? 

  • David Plumer

    Too big and hollow to be a bomb pit, but I wouldn’t be playing with it, or letting a kid near it til I knew what it was.

  • Raz

    It’s one of god’s testicles that just fell down!

  • Chaorder Gradient
  • Markus Dei

    disinfo is the right name for this site… it is from a space shuttle.  

    • Redacted

      You are so clever! The site is named Disinfo, heres a gold star!

      • Markus Dei

        Lol do you sit around trolling peoples comments all day… I was making a point that this site makes things seems as they are not and was pointing out what the object really is.  Follow the link I posted, the indiviudal who posted the article should update it with the proper info as this is  COPV from a space shuttle, NOTHING ALIEN LOL

        • Doop

          I’ll make it simple for you: No shit. That’s the point of the site, hence the name.

          You pointing it out is like someone saying “Hey! That grocery store is selling.. groceries! LOL.”

          Quirky articles get posted, smart people have a laugh over how silly it is and move on. It’s for fun, no one is taking it seriously.

          • Markus Dei

            I see it as a grocery store promoting “untouched independent food” (good news, not biased as left or right, democratic or conservative, good or bad), you start reading the labels on the food in the grocery store and find the ingredients to be 33% preservatives, 33% synthetic unnatural flavours, 33% of shit you can’t pronounce without reading it like a 5 year old 3 times over and 1% natural additive. 

            You dig deeper and research more into the stories on disinfo and see how many of them are left or right propaganda or bullshit stories that include half-truths like the rest of mainstream media. This article for instance 
    tells us that a ex-cia agent, Robert Baer, tells the world on a radio show that Iran will be attacked in the fall of 2011… 

            Robert Baer tells everyone what he really says in this Time article, 

          • Jin The Ninja

            you don’t realise the site is mostly user-generated (that is people post articles from outside sources) do you? some readers are on the left, some are on the right. so the articles and their sources reflect that. check out indymedia in your city if you want citizen journalism.

        • Redacted

          You make retarded comments, but I’m the one trolling. GG idiot.

          • Alexandra Coleman

             Real intelligent (Y)

        • gwen jackson

          lol, i sympathize. when i first discovered it about ten years ago i thought the name was deliberately ironic. it’s not. all media is disinformation, Disinformation is just the only site being honest about it’s content.

    • Alexandra Coleman

  • Alexandra Coleman

    “Everything you know is wrong” especially when your reading articles posted by ignorant individuals who even in there comments display their lack of intelligence. is a great website for one thing.. to discover that even individuals who believe they know the truth are completely blind to it. The most reasonable, believable, and intelligent fact I have read on the site over 3 years has now been posted as a comment by Markus Dei. Thanks man, would love to hear more from you.