Name (And Eat) A Cockroach For Valentine’s Day

First drawing of ArchyVia ScienceDaily:

Valentines Day is upon us and there is no better way to say “forever” than with the gift of a cockroach.

The Wildlife Conservation Society’s Bronx Zoo is offering a light-hearted way to make sure your loved one knows your feelings are forever — with a roach in their name and a 100 percent solid dark chocolate COCOA-ROACH.

Last year thousands of hopeless romantics from around the world named real live Madagascar hissing cockroaches at WCS’s Bronx Zoo after their favorite loved one, “ex,” or mother-in-law. The zoo is again offering the opportunity to name a new crop of cockroaches for Valentine’s Day 2012. Each gift comes with a colorful certificate emailed to your loved one announcing that a cockroach has been named in his or her honor.

To make the offer even sweeter, this year you can also purchase a COCOA-ROACH for that special someone — a genuine artisanal 100 percent solid dark chocolate likeness of a Madagascar hissing cockroach — the world’s largest member of the roach family. COCOA-ROACHES are created with precision and artistry by chocolatier Sabrina Berkowitz of The Chocolate Box NYC. Brilliantly crafted to include every detail, each COCOA-ROACH is sure to leave a lasting impression…

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6 Comments on "Name (And Eat) A Cockroach For Valentine’s Day"

  1. Animal lovers gravitate dangerously close to devil worshipping, and this kind of blasphemous mocking of a holy date is a clear sign of it. They not only offer a kind of godfathering of filthy animals that crawl in darkness, this year they even offer a chocolate bug to eat: ¿the body of Satan? If you are real christian, you shouldn´t take part on this unholy communion, or else we will never see a CHANGE to this satanic takeover of our sacred tradition.

    • “Animal Lovers Gravitate dangerously close to devil worshiping?” 
      So I suppose that the animal abusers & poachers are closer to God & more loved by God, then? 

      I guess that’s just following the logic, but I have my doubts as to whether you are capable of that, since you are clearly insane. 
      (And you happen to be exactly what is wrong with the entire world).

      • Your rude words prove my point: you cockroach lovers preffer to protect the lifes of beasts that would eat you in the wild, instead of praying for the souls of those who listen to heavy metal. Will you ever CHANGE?

        • You make me laugh. You are so fucking insane that all I can do is roll my eyes and pray that you become one of these animals prey. As God intended, of course.
          m/ Black Metal!!!!!

    • Anarchy Pony | Feb 13, 2012 at 4:30 pm |

      You know, cockroaches wash themselves after humans touch them.

  2. I named one for my GF. The e-card reads “When you said there was only one thing you wanted for Valentine’s Day, I knew this was what you meant.”

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