Ninel Kulagina Moving Objects With Her Mind

Ninel Kulagina Moving Objects With Her Mind

ninelkulagina1-300x225Less heralded but more legit than famed/controversial spoon-bender Uri Geller? Paranormala on the alleged telekinetic abilities of Soviet soldier Ninel Kulagina:

Psychokinesis, or the ability to manipulate objects with the mind, is a notoriously difficult to prove ability. Defiant against attempts to debunk, is the case of Ninel Kulagina. A female soldier in the Soviet Red Army, Kulagina found that whenever she became angry poltergeist activity would manifest in the room around her. With practice, she learned how to focus her power and move objects at will. Scientist Edward Naumov was among the first to test her claims by spreading a box of matches on a table.

  • Malkiyahu

    Interesting that she only seems capable of moving metal.

    • Andrew

       According to the article she separated an egg yolk from its white, moving each to opposite ends of a tank of water, from several feet away.  I’d like to see the film of that, if it actually happened.

      • chinagreenelvis

        The best part about writing stuff is you can claim anything you like. That’s why the Bible is so awesome.

        • Malkiyahu

           That’s why your comment is so awesome!

        • Andrew

          As I said, I’d like to see the film of it if it actually happened.

  • Monkey See Monkey Do

    That guy under the table with the magnet is pretty talented.

  • Nunzio X

    She’s the anti-Amazing Randi

  • 1895

    Doesn’t she have magnets sewn into he bra?

  • chinagreenelvis

    Apparently JaconSloan didn’t read or didn’t expect us to read the title of the embedded YouTube video.

  • Jin The Ninja

    well she’s certainly no jean grey, or even psylocke.

  • Marcpro2002

    I thought this had already been debunked!!! She really did have magnets in her bra because she knew that old-fashioned scientists of the era would not check there. She used a little something called “invisible string” or maybe even a strand of hair for the non-metallic objects (just ask  an amateur magician). There has NEVER EVER been a case of scientifically verified paranormal ability…so far.

  • NotSure

    It was an “Invisible Thread”  So there its is……Waaa Waaaa
    There are no proven cases of mind powers.

  • Maiamakalii

    I once tried to prove once and for all for myself whether telekinesis was real or not. I moved a pen with my mind.  It took all day to stare at it and then when I least expected it moved vertically in a straight line about two feet really fast.  I had a really bad headache the rest of the day and really scared myself. It can be done, but would take a lot of time to practice. Just thought I’d share.

    • ELF-IS


  • GregForest

    Cheap thrills. You think I actually use my fingers to type this? I just think the words and they appear on the screen. For those of you seeking proof of telekinesis, you are reading it.  

  • Dunzain

    Well, I just moved my fuck with my ass! Don’t debunk me, because my penis is in the seventh house of horseshit.

    God fucking almighty, is this site Disinformation on Crystal Gazing….

    • Dunzain

      Sorry. Disregard the post above…

  • D.D.B.

    Wow, she’s HOT!
    I’d like to mentally remove her blouse and old lady bra.
    Maybe that mole on her face while I’m at it!