Poland Suspends ACTA

Donald Tusk. Photo: Πρωθυπουργός της Ελλάδας, modified by PL Przemek (CC)

Donald Tusk. Photo: Πρωθυπουργός της Ελλάδας, modified by PL Przemek (CC)

From TOKFM, translated by Google:

I made a definite decision to suspend the ratification process of ACTA – said Prime Minister Donald Tusk today. – It is not enough – a lawyer immediately commented Peter Waglowski (Vagla). – Signature of the international agreement itself is the “concreting” normative discussion in Poland.

Tusk admitted that during the consultation ws. ACTA represents the interests of the environment and point of view of Internet users were not adequately represented and consulted with organizations primarily associated with broadcasters and creators.

Tusk promises to open debate

– We need to make sure that ACTA is one hundred percent safe for the citizens – said the Prime Minister. – Until you explain yourself all the questions, so long will be suspended the ratification process of ACTA and can not be excluded that in the final will mean a lack of acceptance for this contract – he added.

Tusk announced that it will be examined by national law that may be changed. – This debate may revise the traditional perception of property rights. Today’s rules that the imbalances are holding developers and users have to be examined – he said. – I have no doubt that the Polish law regulations are more restrictive than those of the ACTA. We want to order in Poland was the most libertarian, of course, in the framework of international law, we will not be an island – he said…

[continues at TOKFM, translated by Google]


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  1. Just keep in mind, they suspended it, but its not gone. I got a good feeling it will be back. Keep vigilant.

  2. Still. It shows that demonstrotions work, but it has to be done the way it was done in Poland, atthe same time across country. He actualy suspended 
     ratification process of ACTA couple houers before another wave of protests began. thousends showed up in every city in Poland even with temeratures -10 to -15 C ( about 0F )

  3. we all are affraid they will just wait fee months for ratification 

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