Real Identity Of An Internet Troll Exposed Video

The BBC’s Panorama investigative TV show confronts Nimrod7, a notorious troll:

You can see more at Panorama. What are the ethics of this kind of troll outing? I’m sure some of disinformation‘s trolls are going to have a view on this!


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  • Anarchy Pony

    That depends, is TROLOLOLOL a view?

  • JohnFrancisBittrich

    Comments you post on sites like Facebook are not anonymous. Noone’s being “outed”. He might be saying this stuff online, but he’s still saying it publicly.

  • perma

    I bet he won’t be trolling for a while…

  • Zenc

    He seems like a compassionate and empathetic person to me, I don’t see what everyone is complaining about.

  • TruthersSoSmart

    Stupid reporter, jumping out to do a surprise interview.  Do a proper interview, don’t hound the guy.

    • whatgoesaround. . .

      it’s not like this jerk doesn’t deserve it. If you’re gonna be a jerk to random people you deserve to have the same treatment recipricated to you, and what the guy said wasn’t even rude. Can’t believe you’re defending this pathetic troll.

      Feel sorry for his kid. . .

  • Redacted

    First rule of troll club is nobody talks about troll club

  • damg


  • Calypso_1

    I’ll take this level of investigative reporting to heart when they follow pentagon trolls around asking if they’ve considered the impact they have on people’s lives in nations they “free” from “tyranny”.
    [edit per A.P.]

    • Anarchy Pony

      You forgot to put “free” and “tyranny” in quotes.

  • Haystack

    …and it turns out he’s a jerk. Who would have guessed? 

  • jasonpaulhayes

    The BBC is calling out a troll by trolling him outside his home with his wife and baby? When they’ve guilted him enough that he kills himself (hypothetically), how much does BBC pay his widow for harassing someone in poor mental health?

    • gwen jackson

       indeed. people who say crazy shit online are doing it because THEY’RE CRAZY.
      their punishment is their crime…

      • Puppysandwich

        There’s a difference between being rude to someone on a chat forum and hurting their feelings, and physically standing outside their house haranguing them.

    • Jd

      I find it very hard to believe he was “mentally ill” or “crazy”. He seemed to know exactly what he was doing.. Not to mention exactly how long one would be prosecuted on such a crime. It’s obvious he had some concern in the issue.

  • gwen jackson

     Title of this post should have been “Panorama Reporter Is So Desperate For A Story That He Tracks Down And Hassles Someone Who Said Something He Didn’t Approve Of Online. Who’s A Bigger Douche?”

    you’re welcome.

    • DesertYellow

      Get real.

      • gwen jackson

         oh, jesus! did i OFFEND you? do you disagree with my OPINION?
        woo, i sure hope you don’t get some stupid tabloid tv show to track me down at a bus stop and hassle me!
        because, that would be totally logical and justified based on my audacity in putting my OPINION in writing on the interwebz where someone who disagrees might see.

        • Get reel son

          Get reel son

  • A/Void

    This story is indicative of the English view of free speech. Something like this would never happen in the U.S. just from a troll’s ugly comments alone. 

  • steve

    Amazing how people on here are actually standing up for the pathetic excuse for a man. He is not mentally ill, he is a coward and a bully. He deserves to be called out. Sure, in the grand scheme of things there are many other issues worth covering but if you actually watch Panorama you’ll realise it does. Why are people so defensive of his behaviour?

    • Amilcar

      Don´t you see the contradiction between defending the right of speech of liberal atheists and the hostigation of an individual, becouse of his rightfull opinions, by a massive corporate media, with the complicity of a supposed alternative media like this?

      • gwen jackson

         whoa, watch yourself!
        you almost seem serious, there.
        we can’t take you seriously as a troll if you start making sense.

        • Amilcar

           Sometimes you have to drop character for a CHANGE.

    • gwen jackson

       It’s not about defending his actions or his racism. It’s about the silliness of tracking people down to start arguments with them based on what amounts to the equivalent of a schoolyard taunt online.
      The guy’s an asshole, but someone who escalates something like this to the level of tracking them down and ambushing (and obviously hoping to provoke for the sake of ratings) them on national television isn’t any better.
      Anyone can disagree with anything anyone says online;
      Anyone might say something asinine online;
      Anyone escalating an online disagreement to the level of physical confrontation or ambush journalism wins the bigger asshole contest, regardless of which parties’ OPINION you happen to come down on the side of agreeing with, sorry.
      I find it interesting that you’re so concerned with defending the journalist because you obviously think it’s moral victory against the mean old racist.
      I’m pretty sure that if it was a racist TV show ‘confronting’ someone in real-time for trolling their site with liberal-peace messages, you’d be saying tracking him down was wrong.

      I don’t think anyone is defending him; it’s just that the ethics or lack of ethics in the action don’t change based on your opinion of who’s doing it.

  • NotTrollin

    I think this is a horrible story and disinfo sucks. Everyone here who posted comments needs to get a life.

    • irony ha

      I c what u did there

  • Sabre

    Like the end of Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back…but not as much fun

  • Amilcar

    It is a shame and a contradiction that a site that supports a witch´s right to practice foretelling via asparagous (, promotes the hostigation and persecution of a christian´s right of speech. You have lost a soul.

  • Nimrod7

    You’re a bag of wankers.

  • seanooski

    This is completely silly.