Santorum’s Backer On Birth Control

Wondering why most people find the 1950s-style social conservatism of the Republican Party incredibly creepy? As the GOP party mounts a national campaign to roll back access to contraception, Foster Friess, a 71-year-old billionaire businessman who is Rick Santorum’s biggest financial backer, unveils his jaw-dropping  joke prescription for women’s (or rather “gals’ “) healthcare on MSNBC:

  • Jim
  • GoodDoktorBad

    Take two aspirin and ball me in the morning….

  • Butter Knife

    Yes, the only contraception we need is for women to be less promiscuous. If it weren’t for all the (female) whores and their inability to stop having sex, there wouldn’t be any problem. OBVIOUSLY men cannot, and should not, be held in any way accountable. We all know that in addition to being intellectually and morally superior in every way, men will also stick it in anything vaguely resembling a moist hole, and criticism of such behavior is absurd and inane. The problem is definitely, 100%, those weak, frail, stupid womenfolk and their refusal to just cook and pop out babies like they ought to.

    Praise the Lord and pass the ammo.

  • Redacted

    Remember when the Republicans were whining about… wait for it…

    Teenage girls NOT getting pregnant.

  • JaceD

    “Jihadist campsbeing set up  in Central- Latin America?” Am I missing something or has the man never looked at a world map?

    I wonder why these men hate women so much? And how can such ideas even be taken seriously in the political realm (or real)? It’s time to join the free world America, Santorum and his backers wouldn’t have gotten past stage one anywhere else outside of the US with his idiotology.

  • Misinformation

    Stop feeding this entire U.S. political farce with your energy.