‘Supergiants’ Found Near New Zealand

Scientists say they recently captured “supergiant” deep-sea crustaceans nearly a foot long. TVNZ’s Arrun Soma reports (via CNN):


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  • boytoy

    Fuck, they’re going to awake Cthulu next.

  • JaceD

    Awesome! Go all the gaint crazy shit they’ve been finding in New Zealand lately.

  • Ronniedobbs

    thats a helluva shrimp roll

  • Redacted

    I thought the station was “TMZ” and I did a double take.

    In any case I need a few of these things and some butter.

    • JaceD

      Ha TMZ and TVNZ are pretty much the same thing, except TMZ is a big American thing, TVNZ is its New Zealand mini counter part, both as gay as each other.

      • Butter Knife

         While I have no doubt that both networks employ homosexuals, and it is certainly possible that they even employ a disproportionately large number of them, I’m not sure how you classify either as “gay”, nor how you are able to compare how gay the two are.

        Can a television network actually BE gay at all? Could it express any sort of sexual interest, let alone preference? I’m just not sure that works.

        • JaceD

          “gay” probably wasn’t the best discription, not that the “gay” I used has anything to do with homosexuality.

  • Simiantongue

    Let me be the first to welcome our crustacean overlords.  So, do they attach at the back of the neck, burrow into the abdomen, or what?