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The Disinformation Company is excited to announce the return of the Disinformation Podcasts with The Disinfocast, hosted by Matt Staggs. Matt Staggs is a writer and longtime aficionado of the curious and bizarre. A career spent in journalism and psychology has led Matt to to the understanding that exploring why people believe the things they do is just as important as the things themselves. When he’s not reading, podcasting or writing, you can usually find Matt arguing over a table full of strange books and funny dice. Follow him on Twitter at @mattstaggs.

Matt’s first guest will surely be familiar to listeners of the Disinformation Podcasts over the years, it’s former host, now author of The Georgia Guidestones: America’s Most Mysterious Monument: Raymond Wiley!

Join Raymond and Matt as they discuss this great mystery: the Georgia Guidestones are at once a Rosetta Stone, an astronomical observatory, and a road map for rebuilding civilization. Theories of conspiracy, occultism, and apocalypse surround this monument, and it has been called a “prism of meaning” by many who have studied it. At the heart of this confusion is the missing piece of the puzzle: who was the mystery man that designed and funded the project?

Much more to come in the following months, and as always, thanks for listening!

6 Comments on "The New Disinfocast with Matt Staggs"

  1. An aside on the odd comment on Hallowe’en–whichever one of you said that nothing is known about the origins of Hallowe’en except for that (most definitely backformed and apocryphal) story about the Jack O’Lantern sounds very authoritative but has done little to no research on the subject. My parochial school teachers (and the RC church in general) acknowledged the holiday as the vigil of All Sts. Day when people celebrate the non-sainted dead. The church instituted All Saints as an official feast in the 10th century, moving it from springtime to late autumn, probably because the Irish had their traditional new year (Samhain) at that time of year, which included a bonfire feast and popular rituals for banishing spirits.

    I have not practiced Catholicism for decades, so I checked it out very easily on the net. This link to an essay by a Franciscan priest is about reclaiming the holiday. The priest has no problem with kids dressing up as zombies. He says kids know there’s nothing pretty about death, which their parents seem to have forgotten.

    Please do some basic research in the future before making sweeping pronouncements about the lack of history of something. Statements like those introduce doubt into the rest of your work, and I think most of what you’re doing here is solid.

  2. Hadrian999 | Feb 28, 2012 at 12:46 am |

    god I miss “out there radio”

  3. Break a leg Matt!

  4. Camron Wiltshire | Feb 28, 2012 at 4:29 pm |

    Nice podcast.  Informative sampling of the various perspectives regarding this mysterious monument and a few good laughs to boot.  Kudos.

  5. heinrich66 | Mar 9, 2012 at 6:10 am |

    Interviewer needs to calm down and not try so hard.  Wiley’s an articulate enough guest: let him talk. Don’t interrupt with stupid questions like ‘Why didn’t they use their fancy computers back in 1980 to fix the typo?’

    Also, easy on the book knowledge: the history of Hallowe’en, the Martian solstice, my grandma’s corset, etc. etc.  We want to hear about the Georgia Guidestones.

  6. I had to turn the podcast off when I got to the part about Halloween. All Saint’s Day, and excuse me but I’ve got to say it… DUH! It may not have the fan fare of Christmas and Easter in the States, but it’s a huge deal in Central America, and Catholic School kids in US get the day off from school. I’m not Christian, and I know this. As “Guest” below me said, “Please do some basic research in the future before making sweeping pronouncements about the lack of history of something.” Please. I loved this podcast for years, and I would love to see it keep it’s integrity. By the way, the sound quality in the latest episode sucks. I hope this show gets back on track, because I loved it. 

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