The Siberian Wooly Mammoth Video

Hard to believe, but this video has been taking YouTube and the gossip rags by storm. Supposedly there is a living Wooly Mammoth gallivanting about Siberia…


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  • El Jefe

    It’s a bear with a fish in its mouth.

    • Conspiracy Carrot

      That’s what the close up looked like to me.

  • Nunzio X

    I think I saw the image of Jesus in it’s furry, furry hide.

    • Amilcar

      Holy Crap! It is no joke: Jesus has projected his image in this video, to remind us all that the Kingdom of Heavens is almost here to CHANGE all.

  • Anarchy Pony

    Something about it just looks wrong, as in fake, doctored, however you want to put it. 
    At the 11-12 second mark you can see more of its front leg than you should be able to.
    Tell me I’m crazy.
    Also, Why the hell is the vid so goddamn short? Fucker couldn’t bother to keep filming for a few minutes more? Or try to get closer? If it really was a fucking Woolly Mammoth, the stupid camera guy couldn’t try to do more to confirm it? I mean come on, a surviving woolly mammoth would be a major find, absolutely major. I would get as close as I possibly could and try to get as clear a quality of evidence as I could without making it try to squash me.

    • Malk

      you tell em pony.

      posting crap from the sun and the internet weekly or whatever that photon cloud from outer space “article” was from really should just not be allowed here. The name “disinformation” isn’t supposed to be used in the way it is here.

      and exactly, why is the video only 6 seconds long or whatever. the rest is too revealing obviously. nobody takes a 6 second video of a wooly mammoth and than carries on with their hike. even george bush isn’t that stupid and he is STUPID. get real poster =[

  • John G

    Why is it that in a world full of HD camera on phones and all sorts of devices every time somebody capture video of something even remotely mysterious it always blurred! 

    • chinagreenelvis

      Because HD footage would prove that it’s a bear with a fish in it’s mouth, and we can’t have that, now can we?

    • I_abide

      Maybe it’s not the camera and we’ve got a new breed of blurry mammoth.  Similar to the blurry sasquatch always seen.  

      • siyah

        Talking of new breeds, you only have to look at modern day science, it is possible for extinct species to be resurected through scientific means, also for two species to be combined….. the leaders of the world say this is not allowed because science is not there to be used to play god, however, based upon the history of those in power lying and decieving people into believing they are saints and the fact science has been used to build bombs, guns and all other means of death and destruction, or put simply, used to play god, for years, whats the promiss of hybrid and resurectional use of science not being used really worth?

    • siyah

      i think its a bear with a branch or something in its mouth, maybie a fish, a big fish it would be though, siberia isnt the richest country in the world, although most of us are lucky enough to have the best in technology, not everyone does. you shouldnt make judgements based on possesions because not everybody in the world has the same possesions nor does everyone in the world hold the same value for them.

  • chinagreenelvis

    Bear with a fish, end of story.

  • Sealbreaker

    And this is not an elephant, how?

    • marklar_primus

      Mostly because it’s a bear with a fish, but also because it’s not an elephant.

  • d4l3d

    It’s obvious to me, a fish walking on water dragging a bear along. Amazing! At least more so than some old hairy moth-eaten mammoth.

  • Alis

    Hairy Russian taking a bath, carrying a curiously floppy bottle of vodka, end of story.

  • Jacob Kindt

    I don’t think its a bear. It is clearly too small to be full-grown, missing tusks, and the fact it was filmed,  would be explained by it beng young, underdeveloped and inexperianced. I am also sceptical of the video, it doesnt seem to be in the same bad focus as other things in that plane, also the Source seems fishy as well “The Sun” is known for silly, toung in cheek stories.

    • damg

       sad thing is, too many people in this country (UK) take it as legitimate “news”….

      • Isyah

        is there such thing as legitimate news? i mean what about the news of WMD’s in iraq? or bin laden in afghanistan? ahh right, it was pakistan wasnt it! what about the news that the people who were gunned down during the bogside massacre were armed militia in 1972…. ooh wait a minute in 2010 david cameron issued a public apologie saying that the actions of that day were unjustified, nor could they be, and that the dead wee innocent, its all propaganda my friend, the devil hides behind a god like mask, open your eyes ffs. puppets, worthless pawns on the chessboard of lying thieves!

  • Potter Dee

    This site is really going down hill these days…

    • Marduk Smith

      Everyone’s at oi9 these days.

  • Br0wnb3rry

    a bear with a fish in it’s mouth.

  • Amilcar

    You were all so concentrated in believing or debunking the “mammoth”, that you ignored the amazing truth: this video wasn´t filmmed on contemporary planet Earth.

  • perma

    Russian scientist are in fact trying to cross mammoth DNA with elephants. Small mamoths lived on the Wrangler island until 1700 BCE. Specimets with flesh and fur have been preserved in the permafrost. I believe they will sucseed, but I don’t see why they should keep as a secret. 

  • Max Schneider

    It’s a bear with a fish in it’s mouth. 

  • Anarchy Pony
  • deadheadfordays

    cup of bullshit

  • tony-negocios por internet

    someone found the jumanji