Turbowolf Interview Graham Hancock: Episodes 3 & 4

In the final two parts of a series of four episodes, Turbowolf interview Graham Hancock at The Roman Baths in Bath.

Hancock is one of the foremost authorities on Ancient Mysteries, having written numerous bestselling non-fiction books on the subject such as Fingerprints Of The Gods, The Sign & The Seal, Heavens Mirror and Supernatural; and, most recently, the fantasy adventure novel Entangled.

Turbowolf released their eponymous debut album in November 2011, a blend of dirty rock ‘n roll, punked-up riffs and psychedelic noise. The band are about to embark on a European tour starting February 23, 2012 in London. Their shared fascination with the esoteric and the mysterious led to this meeting of minds.

In Episode 3 Graham and the band discuss the meaning of 2012. Some have purveyed the notion that the world will end this year but Hancock prefers to see the Mayan calendar end-date of 21 December 2012 in a positive light. For him it is a moment of opportunity for humanity to re-evaluate and re-invent itself, let go forever of fear, hatred and suspicion and take a new path away from cataclysm and catastrophe in which we will reclaim sovereignty over our own consciousness and make choices guided by love.

Says Hancock:

“We have to question authority, because it’s authority, the so-called authorities, who’ve got us into the mess that the world is in today — those bankers, those huge corporations, those malicious, mean-spirited governments who stir up fear and hatred and suspicion just to keep themselves in power. Those are the authorities, and those are the ones who have brought the world to the edge of catastrophe. We must question everything they do and everything they say, and just refuse to accept what is spoon-fed to us as the facts. And that’s what I see — that’s what I see happening. I believe in the youth of this planet. We must question everything. Just because our parents said this was so, and their parents said this was so — it doesn’t mean it’s so. This is part of the grand story of the human species — that we are awakening to consciousness. That we are individuals, we are individual sparks of consciousness. And we should not accept to be told how we may think and how we must act in the world.”

In Episode 4 Graham and the band talk a little about their current work and projects, and their plans for the future.


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