We Are Change Colorado at Denver International Airport

Via We Are Change Colorado:

We asked three questions; were travelers willing to give up their most basic civil liberties for safety, had they ever been personally affected by terrorism, in their everyday lives and for our final question, we asked each person how many steel structure buildings collapsed, at near free-fall speed, in New York City, on September 11th:

  • TruthersSoSmart

    First two questions, reasonable.  Last question, retarded.

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1414930843 Jason Douthitt

      It’s actually a very reasonable question with only one correct answer.

      • TruthersSoSmart

        No, it is a loaded question with an agenda.  If you want to have an honest discussion, ask: “What do you think happened to the towers on Sept 11?”  Not some lame attempt to trick people into agreeing with you via a barrage of assertions.  As soon as the conversation is done, they’ll get a chance to think about it seriously and conclude you’ve been a deceptive moron.

        • Camron Wiltshire

          So you believe NIST’s perspective on Building 7 then?

          • Camron Wiltshire

            Just for the record the 3rd question asked was,
            “On 9/11 how many steel framed buildings fell at approximately free fall speed?”  

            Fair question to ask and given the response, needs to be asked much more often.  RememberBuilding7.org

          • Camron Wiltshire

            or “near free fall speed” anticipating the hair splitting….

          • TruthersSoSmart

            > So you believe NIST’s perspective on Building 7 then?

            See, with your limited perspective this is all you can muster when someone questions your antics.  Thus laying bare your agenda.

            There is a reason your “truth” movement is a joke, because the joke is on you.