What Does The World Look Like To A Robot?

See through the eyes of a robot — a bit bleak, no? Culled from dozens of sources by Timo Arnall:

How do they extract meaning from our streets, cities, media and from us? This is an experiment in found machine-vision footage, exploring the aesthetics of the robot eye.

3 Comments on "What Does The World Look Like To A Robot?"

  1. What does the world look like to a robot?

    Ask any conservative.

  2. Robots (conventional definition as automatons) are equipped with sensory mechanisms – organs if you will – emulating functional design performance of their organic counterparts. (Everything can be argued is organic however)

    Improvements of construction and development are implemented as part of the directed evolutionary process of the emerging order of human created entities.

    Integration of bio-oriented computational enhancements with self regulating and aware systems including replication, modification, and manufacture, systems will evolve to perfected states out of discovery and necessity over the course of an emerging trajectory shift. (Bio/organic re-defined with disciplines included)

    Beyond simply microcosmic planetary manifestations – macrocosmic embedded functional fabric as natural emerging self aware systems of total integration and performance.

  3. non of that is the view through the eyes of a robot. it’s simply video analysis. video analysis is merely 1/10th of functions required to be a robot. it isn’t hard to analyze video – it’s what you do with the analysis that matters. visit companies like http://www.ez-robot.com or roborealm to see what real robots do with video. not this crap.

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