Women Leading the Facebook De-Friending Trend

FacebookChris Matyszczyk reports on cNet News:

A Pew study suggests that finally, finally human beings — and especially women — have begun to prune their alleged friends on Facebook. Could there be rational, even venal, reasons for this?

It’s Friday and therefore time to muse about friendship. Here’s one thought: If the enemy of my enemy is my friend, then my friend may, in fact, be more troubling and irrelevant than Ann Taylor separates. Here’s another: People appear to suddenly be realizing that their Facebook friends are not — and will never be — real friends. Oddly, though, they are finally doing something about it.

I am grateful to my nonfriends at ReadWriteWeb, who have unearthed a new Pew study that says defriending is trending on Facebook. People are finally wandering around their Facebook garden and, perhaps stimulated by FarmVille, are taking shears to their peers …

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  1. I can think of two technical reasons why unfriending is happening so much lately:

    1. The concept of “subscribers” and “acquaintances” Facebook recently made a change that I’ve been hoping for the past decade that social networks would adopt: not having every single person who subscribes to a user’s feed be a “friend”. Now people who can only see one’s public posts are “subscribers”. “Acquaintances” don’t show up in a users news feed very often, and can be fairly easily excluded from reading protected updates. Hence, unfriending someone doesn’t mean completely kicking them to the curb. Indeed, many of the unfriended need not know it happened unless a mutual friend rats out the author.

    2. The new, mandatory “timeline” profile feature. Now that it’s easier to see every unfortunate picture, or to search a user’s previous posts by year, I think that users are getting a bit pickier about who has access to their profiles. There’ve been several articles written about the potential security and privacy hazards of the “timeline” feature, so I suspect that weeding through one’s reader list makes a great deal of sense here.

    As to why more women are doing this than men, I don’t know. The fact that it’s happening so much now doesn’t surprise me in the least, though.

  2.  And this is news because…

  3. “Women Leading in Latest Fad”

    Well I’ll be never!

  4. I took it one step further…

    I “unsubscribed”, left and never looked back.

  5. we need a lab | Feb 26, 2012 at 5:47 pm |

    Ive been unfriending people for years now. My block list is gigantic. muahahahahaha

  6. Who cares, Facebook’s played out…

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