Activists OccupyAIPAC with Message to Congress: No War On Iran (Video)

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  • Ilari Kari

     Shouting “Nazi” at a person protesting war? Thank god we live in a world where not wanting to kill people for bullshit reasons is seen as racist… Fuck me. Crazy people.

  • JaceD

    Wow…. This whole situation boggles the mind. Nazis are against war now? It doesn’t suprise me that those advocating war attack the peaceful protesters.

    It’s a shame people don’t have the sense to boycott the military. The masters can’t have a war if no one is participating.

  • rtb61

    Now whose anthem did they sing at a political even in which country, seeking to elect which politicians and now exactly who the fuck are those politicians meant to represent.

  • steve

    Wow, the doublethink really lies deep these days.
    War = Peace.

  • arfer

    i love when they start chanting the israeli anthem the look on the war pig politician’s face is priceless. pig sweats bullets.

  • Vi0let_femme

    now i know where the  kids are gettin it.. they got it from watching you!

    baby bullies grow up to be big bullies

  • Lakota

    oh my head hurts….that Prussian style of educa– er indoctrination is working. They really just attacked peaceful protesters. I mean its not surprising , if you look at news interviews with Lenon, they called him naive for wanting peace. These kinds of sick people are ruling the world….

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