Afghan Villagers Believe Soldier’s Massacre Fueled by Revenge

Robert BalesVia Common Dreams:

Afghan villagers near the site where US Army Staff Sgt. Robert Bales is alleged to have murdered 16 civilians, including nine children, claim US troops — just days before the shooting — lined them up against a wall after a roadside bombing and told them that they, and even their children, would pay a price for the attack.

Although the villagers account could not be independently verified by the Associated Press, “their claim that the shootings by a US soldier may have been payback for a roadside bombing has gained wide currency in the area and has been repeated by politicians testifying about the incident to Afghan President Hamid Karzai.”

In the United States, where Americans broadly accept the lone-shooter explanation offered by the US military, the media focus has been mainly on Bales’ “state of mind” and what impact the massacre might have on public support for the ongoing US/NATO mission. But in Afghanistan there is widespread suspicion that the killings were carried out not by a single gunman, but by several perpetrators.  Revelations about the possible motivations for the shooting only add to those beliefs.

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    Of course, because their countries can be full of suicidal nutbags and have a few slip through the cracks and come kill hundreds of us…a few of our nutjobs slip through and kill a handful of them its an OUTRAGE!!!

    • Andrew

      I’m sure they feel the exact same way.

      Good thing we each have the other for an excuse.

    • Monkey See Monkey Do

      yeh not very likely he was a lone shooter, possible, but not likely. Stuff like this happens all the time in Iraq and Afghanistan yet the media makes out that this tragedy is the one thats stifling relations. It’s just one in a long list.

      September 11 Death toll – 2,996
      Iraq war death toll – 180,000 – 1,000,000
      Afghanstan war death toll – Approx. 20,000

    • cornstarch

      You’re really oversimplifying a complex issue.  A “handful” of their people?  There have been an estimated 14-30 thousand civilian casualties in Afghanistan since 2001.

      Murder of civilians should always be considered an unjustifiable outrage, regardless of nationality.

      • Andrew

        His whole aggressively self-pitying conservative worldview depends on oversimplifying complex issues.

      • Einherjar333

        yeah and 80% of those murders were committed by their own people

        • Andrew

           Says you.

    • BuzzCoastin

      if you’re an Amerkin
      you live in a country that has not been invaded by another country since 1812
      and sustained one maybe foreign terrorist attack in almost 200 years
      you also live in a country that has invaded about 100 countries since 1812

      the 911 attack killed a few thousand
      so far the US has killed and injured millions in its retribution
      that has benefited only the Military-Industrial-Bankster Complex

      if an Afghan soldier did this on US soil;
      oh wait, that’s friggin impossible

    • Einherjar333


      • Andrew

        Because it’s good to do what the bad guys do.

    • gwen jackson

       when your hypocrisy benefits your own shithead politics, that’s a-ok!
      but anyone else’s hypocrisy in conflict with your stupidity is an outrage!

  • discusthrower

    Yeah, I dunno if the whole ‘revenge’ thing has the same appeal for Americans that it does for them… paradigm has been shifting away from revenge since the 80s I guess….

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  • Einherjar333

    Smells like bullshit

    • Jin The Ninja

       no, that’s just you.

  • gwen jackson

    so sick of people trying to justify this asshole acting like a typical murdering american asshole. “oh, he was sad about being in the military!”
    really? because every picture i’ve seen of this piece of shit shows him raising that gun with a big shit-eating frat-boy-rapist grin on his ugly porcine face.
    but i saw his porky-pig wife on tv, this guy was obviously THRILLED to be murdering kids in Afghanistan, it bought him a few months away from her oinking stupidity and their tribe of overfed ugly american brats.
    OINK! why hasn’t obomba given this piece of shit his purple heart for the heroic murder of civilian children yet? what, do they only give out medals if you rape your victims first? what’s the honorable institution of the U.S. military coming to?!?

  • Occupy Wear

    This is not a “lone nut” shooter.  This was a night raid performed by numerous US personnel, as many as 20. This cover-up must be called out and discredited.

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