Bert Kreischer Is The Machine

Joe Rogan’s classic Bert Kreischer interview animated (thanks to Nic for the tip). Audio from The Joe Rogan Experience Podcast #95

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  • ForrestX

    Best story ever! So wrong on so many levels!

  • DeepCough

    Oh, man, I would love party with some Russian mobsters, man.

  • Zenc

    That’s awesome… unless you’re one of the other students.

  • Homer

    An epic poem of the oral tradition!

  • Jecht

    As a russian I can say that the story seems an absolutely accurate portrayal of Russia at the time
    there’s just one thing, there a very few Igors in Russia. It is, however, possible that at least one of the Igors was actually Egor, which is a much more popular name. It is pronounced as yegor with “e” like in the word “mess”

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