Can Fuel be Created from Human Fat?

SumoThis article proposes a new “transfer of energy stores that can ease our fuel burden” by harvesting human body fat for fuel!

“In energy terms, the average BTU of a gallon of human body fat is actually 11% higher than the BTU of a gallon of diesel gasoline,” reports science writer James Kent — noting that the IRS is already granting a 50-cent-per-gallon incentive for the conversion of other animal fats. (And he tells the story of a Beverly Hills plastic surgeon who powered his SUV with fat from his liposuction patients — plus his girlfriend’s SUV.)

While fat-sucking may seem like a strange response to gas shortages, there’s the equivalent of 637 million gallons of fuel stored in our fat, and the average person carries at least two gallons of high-grade biodiesel fuel in their body. (This article even suggests low-cost liposuction clinics — possibly covered by Medicare, and receiving government subsidies as an alternative fuel source.)”

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  1. Aram Jahn | Mar 8, 2012 at 4:04 am |

    I bet I could drive my Honda Civic (converted to burn human fat) 900 miles on just the gooey lipids seeping from Rush Limbaugh’s face! Kewl!

  2. The answer is even simpler, ride a bicycle you lazy fatties!

  3. It’s a niche market. I suspect the biggest obstacles for cosmetic surgeons and hospitals would be legal WRT regulations on dealing with potentially biohazardous materials which never envisioned human fat as fuel in any context but crematoriums. The problem of creating a reasonable regulatory regime and packaged units for dealing with fat to fuel is probably worth solving. The best way to reduce a waste stream is to make sure stuff never gets into it. I can imagine a specialized storage unit and a recycling service regularly emptying it which would resemble the system that has evolved for recycling – processing restaurant grease / used cooking oils.

  4. A modest proposal, for certain.

  5. After you are gone, you can take the family on one last road trip vacation!

  6. Simiantongue | Mar 8, 2012 at 2:46 pm |

    We invented mopeds that run on babies. Gotta render them down first. What to do with the human child after replacing it with a changeling, that was the question. Solved this problem ages ago. 

    Sincerely from

    The World of Faerie.

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