Celebrity Recolonization Of Africa Map

RecolonizationPost-Oscars, a look at how Western celebrities have projected their egos across vast portions of the world. Created by Mother Jones‘s Dave Gilson:

Oversized shades have replaced pith helmets, but the new scramble for Africa has its share of adventurers, would-be saviors, and even turf battles. As Madonna’s publicist explains, “She’s focusing on Malawi. South Africa is Oprah’s territory.”

The map takes a lighter look at the sometimes serious, sometimes silly business of celebrity altruism. For more on how Africa became the hottest continent for A-list do-gooders like Bono and Brangelina, see here. And if you’re looking for a more sober approach, check out our recent package on human rights.

Click on a country to learn which celebrity has claimed it, and how …

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3 Comments on "Celebrity Recolonization Of Africa Map"

  1. I guess this is the celebrity Berlin Conference of 1884? 

  2. Where’s Bill Gates? His foundation has had more impact (not necessarily good) on Africa than everyone pictured combined.

  3. I am claiming Nigeria. I am helping a “friend” to get his shitty virus ridden computer to work. I have some sympathy for him, probably european intruders fucked up his country. 

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