Cinnamon Challenge Videos Go Dangerously Viral

Just laugh at the idiots in the videos kids, don’t try swallowing a spoon full of cinnamon without water yourselves (seriously, it can damage your health). There’s a ton of these videos on YouTube, here’s just one:


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  • Hadrian999

    i still haven’t stopped laughing

  • Pest

    when keeping it real goes wrong.

  • Lsioux

    OMG what an idiot….so lame!!

    • Hadrian999

       at first you’re like “she couldn’t possibly” and then she does

  • Lakota

    I’m sorry i had to comment again….that $#*t is hilarious….i don’t normally laugh at other people’s expense but…. 

    • I_abide

      I’m more than happy to laugh at someone else’s expense.  Of course this time it hurt a bit as I fell out of my chair.

  • DeepCough

    Still not as entertaining as kids snorting nutmeg. to get high.

  • Nunzio X

    Now, why the hell would someone post a video of themselves doing something stupid….

    …oh, wait. YouTube.

    Never mind.

  • Mortimer

    Rusty Lee’s retarded twin sister.

  • Gergith

    I was almost going to skip over this video! I’m glad I didn’t 😀 I’m in stitches right now!

  • rtb61

    Finally a fitting punishment for narcissism. Now what else can we get those fools to do to themselves on camera.