Dutch Man Laughs At Anything After Hip Surgery

Laughing ManWe all can learn from this (be sure to have CC on for subtitles for the video). Via CBS News:

Huug Bosse underwent hip surgery two years ago and now can’t stop cracking up no matter how hard he tries. “It appears that due to the operation, due to the anesthesia, he was laughing more,” Bosse’s wife told the Dutch TV show Man Bijt Hond. “When you are having a discussion and all he does is laughing, then it gets annoying.”

Can this bizarre behavior be explained by a medical condition?

8 Comments on "Dutch Man Laughs At Anything After Hip Surgery"

  1. cheesefist | Mar 21, 2012 at 12:53 am |

    nice guy, i like him

  2. I think I might have this malady, lol.

  3. That would explain a lot, lol!

  4. But along with the laughter there seems to be real joy. He seems to see the absurdity of it all. Besides, the lady is so darn miserable he should get a medal for remaining so cheery. Maybe we should all arrange to be slightly brain damaged. Can’t see him doing any harm to anyone.
    Bet he’s popular down the pub.

  5. Look at his wife, he can either cry or laugh.. 

  6. I think he’s just Dutch.

  7. Has he had a stroke nobody noticed? I can’t understand their speak.

  8. Stoney Jackson | Mar 21, 2012 at 10:42 pm |

    Must be all that Dutch medical weed!

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