Foxconn Has The World’s Largest, And Worst, Internship Program

5678601035_6492c5f4cf_zWhat’s worse than slave labor? Slave internships. About a third of the workers in Foxconn’s iPhone factories are young adults participating in the world’s biggest, most hellish internship program. They are students who have been told that they will not receive their degrees without completing the experience — Foxconn pays kickbacks to their schools. Motherboard writes:

One of the lesser-known aspects of the manufacturing behemoth behind gadgets by Apple, Amazon and many others: a giant internship program rife with abuse. With the help of schools and government officials, the company runs a massive internship program built not on voluntary education but on “compelled” factory work for teenage students. According to Ross Perlin, author of Intern Nation, Foxconn may be running “the world’s single largest internship program.”

Foxconn says it relies on as many as 180,000 interns during the summer months to fulfill the needs of the voracious beast of Western gadget demand — companies like Apple, Amazon, HP and nearly every other major electronics brand. The Hong Kong-based Students and Scholars Against Corporate Misbehavior estimates the number is much higher, and that interns have at times made up as much as a third of the company’s 1.3-million-strong workforces. But neither Apple nor recent widely-spread reports in the mainstream media make mention of interns.

  • Jin The Ninja

    so…Apple is well-known (notorious) for using perma-temps. Now their base of manufacturing uses virtual slave labour. Worker Exploitation? Or is this simply the corporate paradigm where profit is religion, money is god,  and people are cogs aka capitalism.

    • Jin The Ninja

      i think some 打小人 is in order.

      • Redacted

        I don’t know whats going on in that picture, but it looks pretty cool.

        • Jin The Ninja

          villain hitting. it’s taoist folk magic. when someone wrongs you you bring their picture to usually an older woman, and she summons a tiger spirit and hits their picture with your shoe. it’s like a curse, but it’s more for revenge rather than antagonism. the paper tiger represents your righteous fury/ and is a very common spirit animal in asian folk magic.

    • Hadrian999

       isn’t just apple, there was an article a few months back about large US companies using internships offered to foreign students to fill horrible jobs

      • Jin The Ninja

        yeah i remember that article on alternet, i think it was hershey’s. i saw this unreported world docu about child/slave labour and cacao harvesting for major chocolate companies so i suppose it’s really no better. i just particularly hate the cred apple recieves for basically nothing.

        • MoralDrift

          They think different! 

          (about how to best present their image)

  • Mamagriff50

    Sounds like sweat shops to me. You won’t see this in main stream media, they own it. People may demand  a change for a moment, if they knew. But that won’t stop them from buying there electronic toys. They’re OH So Important!    Idiots. Profits before people, corporate religion.

  • Phantom

    I doubt there’s a guarantee of a job at That factory upon completion of internship.  After all, they have more free internship labor they could use………..sad…….

    • Hadrian999

       I doubt college students have any desire to work at a factory after graduation

      • Phantom

        Go to some 3rd world countries. You would be surprised to find out the one serving you burgers at McDonalds has a college degree.  This happens when there are more people than jobs, the employer will have a choice of 300 apps all being college grads.  HS grads wouldn’t even be considered.

        • MoralDrift

          Its called “America” and I’ve lived the dream. Oh you have a degree…well….I guess instead of Mcdonalds…you can be a manager at target! If you ace that interview!

          • Apathesis

             Sad but true.  CVS rarely hires managers without college degrees, which I find insulting.  Who the fuck goes to college and thinks $30,000 is a fair wage?  What a waste of higher education.  Anybody with a reasonable amount of intelligence and leadership ability can manage a store.

          • Thesteve

            I have a degree and I had to take a 30k job. :(

      • Redacted

        It’s not like theres Lawyers and Nurses working at McDonalds in the “richest country in history” or anything.

        • Hadrian999

           if fairly certain they don’t desire to

  • anarcho

    They have been exploiting students for years,  a number of years back (2006) I wrote an article about the critical nature of education and the future in China.  In this instance they were selling education outside of the universities in all sorts of colleges,  that promised he seal of the universities – then reneged. It caused riots,  but this exploitation has been rife for years,  including threatening students with not graduating which would doom them to a less than meager existence (not that the alternative is much better).  The best kept secret in China is only certain people get in the universities – and it is who you know,  and if you are connected to the new tiny elite and lots of money (not academic performance).  Here is the article I wrote in 2006,  tell me if you think much has changed –


    • Jin The Ninja

       great post.

  • Jbar

    Trabajar es mierda.

  • gwen jackson

    i honestly don’t know how the asshole hipsters who buy apple’s shit can live with themselves.
    Foxconn: coming soon to a neighborhood near you. Apple will bring those jobs back to the USA…just as soon as the US economy has been degraded enough that you’ll all be grateful for these sweatshop slave jobs…

  • Redacted

    “Communism” they call it. Marx would shit his pants.

    • MoralDrift

      See you just dont see the genius….only a real communist would..let me explain.

      Because of revisionist rightist errors committed in the past, the only way to fulfill the promise of the masses is by re-subjecting them to exploitation and to re-enter the capitalist development cycle, only this time in an accelerated fashion. By cruising through the stages of capitalist development at lightning speed the proletariat will be in full revolt within 20 years at which point a popular revolution will take place and the masses will demand communism. 

      This is also the true plan of the republican party….they arent red for no reason

  • Okarin

    the intern from dilbert thought he had it bad